My Gift Wish List

As I was shopping this weekend I was thinking hey that would be awesome for my birthday/anniversary/just because gift. But I know when that time comes my hubby/mom/friends will ask what do you want for??? and my mind goes blank. So I thought hey let me dedicate a page for it so I can remember or hey maybe one of my family members will actually read my blog (hehe).

So check back regularly and I will update!!!

 Knee High Black Boots - If money wasn't a worry I would LOVE these boots

Amazon gift cards - love my kindle books
GIFT CARDS for clothes - trying to stick on a budget has me NOT shopping so I would love to shop!- Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls!!!
Starbucks gift cards - I hate coffee but LOVE Black Ice Tea unsweetened with Lemonade (for us normal people an arnold palmer)
Another Michael kors bag
Garmin-Forerunner-GPS-Enabled running watch  - just a little touch of pink! LOVE it
Skiing lessons! Yes I want to learn.
Skiing Clothes
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
Knee High Boot Socks - love them ETSY baby. Something like this. or something like this

North Face Women's Jacket - Black Bionic

Sideways Cross Bracelet  - Gold and Silver Please :) only $8.00

OMG so many things from Laonato on ETSY - triple gold triangle necklace, black mustache necklace, tri-color star necklace, silver bar layered necklace

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