How to Get Back on Your Motorcycle Insurance Company in 10 Easy Steps 2

How to Get Back on Your Motorcycle Insurance Company in 10 Easy Steps 2

Think of it this way … Do you have a health/medical/hospitalization plan through work or an association you belong to?

So why do you pay premiums for medical coverage/hospitalization on your motorcycle insurance policy?

This is what happens when you inform the auto insurance company or agent that “you do not want hospitalization / medical coverage”. You will hear very clever “smotorcyclee tactics” to help you change your mind.

The insurance company employee will say, “Well, if you have an accident and it’s your fault, who will cover the medical bills of the passengers injured in your motorcycle?”

Here is your answer. Your family is already covered by your health / hospitalization plan. If someone is in the motorcycle and gets injured, they will be covered by the personal injury liability coverage they are already paying … and their own health / hospitalization plan.

So go ahead, save more money and eliminate this coverage.

STEP 8: Cancel death, dismemberment and vision loss.

Do you have any of these coverages on your current motorcycle insurance policy? In this case, cancel them.

And if it’s your first time buying motorcycle insurance or if you want to get multiple motorcycle insurance quotes, don’t let anyone convince you!


because these toppings are an absolute waste of money. Most of these optional coverages are simply “glorified” life insurance policies, with ridiculous provisions and terribly expensive premiums. If you need life insurance, convert it into a separate insurance policy.

STEP 9 – Cancel the extras

Do you have “Roadside Assistance” or “Motorcycle Rental Refund” on your policy? In this case, cancel them.

And again, if you are a first time insurance buyer or get some auto insurance quotes, do not worry about these coverages.

Because they are so expensive, they rarely use and limit what they can and cannot do you can visit

For example, the “refund for some rental motorcycles” coverage is almost $ 100 per year for each vehicle in your policy. So if you have two motorcycles, you’ll spend almost $ 2,000 on motorcycle rental coverage over the next 10 years and probably never use it. And roadside assistance? The tranquility it offers is trampled by the premiums that motorcycle insurance companies want for this coverage. Roadside assistance is a good idea. But use AAA for a cheaper solution.

STEP 10 – Complete comprehensive and collision coverage on vintage motorcycles.

If you have a vintage motorcycle, I mean one that is worth less than $ 2,000 in bulk (the amount a dealer would give you if you changed it) cancel any Collision and Full Coverage you have or reject that option when buying a fee. Motorcycle insurance  And so. If an 8-year motorcycle and a new motorcycle have identical damage, the repair cost for both will be identical, even if the 8-year motorcycle is worth next to nothing.