Today.goals change

Today. today my goals are changing.
I have decided that I am a goal person (well duh) and with that I need goals. But my goals are changing. They no longer are going to be centered around a number, a scale, a pant size or even food. The goal is to be......


I just want to be happy. 

I have to say that being happy  - that also changes day by day and item by item. But I don't want to be ruled by anything other then being happy. 

So today...HAPPINESS is on the mind.

I am happy with my husband.
I am happy with my kiddos.
I am happy with my career. 
I am happy with ME. 
I am happy with my life. 

This is a journey. A life long journey and man oh man I hope that at the ripe old age of 36 I am finally getting that. There will always be ups and downs and zig zags along the way but I am striving for a lifetime of happiness. 

Now don't get me wrong I still want to be healthy and finding that balance in life. I want to be able to grow old with my husband and spoil my grandbabies at some point in my life (my kids listen up - no need to rush on this I plan on being here a long time a grandma in 25 years or so haha ). 
Since it has been such a long time...

Here I am in all of my glory :) 

Just living life as I can.... 

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