Catch up time

Who knows why I don't write much anymore and who cares. I do miss it however at the same time I have been focusing on enjoying the moments we are creating instead of writing about them every minute. A torn view I guess. 

To catch up.... Well I finally hit a wall on my health. I feel like I am slowly finding what that balance is. I don't want to be crazy food tracker for my life but I also don't want to be unhealthy and unfit. So balance I am finding. I have decided I do need cardio in my life....insert sad face here. But ultimately I know it will benefit me mind body and soul. 

Here is me today.... Lighting sucks. 
A little black leather pants, blue and gold! And today is a day I feel great! Take it day by day! 

As for us...well we had our first of many parent/kid dates of 2016 just the other night. The boy wanted a date with me to the arcade, movies and fro yo. Holding my hand the entire time. I think dates and one on one time is fabulous. 
While we were doing our thing. The girl and dad went ice skating (thank god  she picked him for that activity) and redbox and fro yo as well! 

We also started marriage counseling - it is an amazing thing. It helps you with clear communication and strengths your relationship for sure. 

This weekend was one that a lot happened yet felt amazing. We did a few crafts and finished up a few projects. 

Then to finish off the weekend we went shooting with my bestie and her soon to be hubs. 
I love spending time with her and we are learning to protect ourselves! 
So all in all. Here we are. 

Mind body soul
Live laugh love

Until the next time...