Positive mind

Boy doesn't this ring so true. I am still adjusting...yes still ...from the show. Some days I feel defeated others I feel like a million bucks. It is all adjusting. When you workout 6-7x a week and live at the gym - that does it to you. It is finding LIFE again. 

Today is Valentine's Day and the first thing I have to do is love me! And love me in each stage of my progress.
And let me tell you where I am right now is a place that I can grow from, a place I can get fit at, I can only go up from here but down in weight. I don't want to focus solely on the number but the number is bad! But beyond that I am not feeling well...literally I don't feel well in my clothes...
So I booked my trainer 2 days a week and I already have a spin session tomorrow. The workouts keep me sane and I want that for arm and bikini body again...but don't worry no starving myself or working out 6-7 x a week haha.

I do have to get my food back in the control section for sure. Mind over matter. 

So positive I am leading with plus a big side of determination and I will get my will power back! 

Upward and onward! 

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