The Emotional Diet

I am what 7-8 weeks from my bikini show and due to having a horrible coach, a meal plan that literally wrecked my system up I am having struggles.

Since the show I am up 6lbs - part water, part eating normal food, part boycotting anything that the trainer did to me. 

As the days go on I have come to the point that I have to work through this stuff and admit that he treated me wrong, I paid him to coach me and he damaged me. I am strong enough to admit that. This isn't passing blame but literally accepting and releasing it. The more I talk about the more I release and can get back to me. 

I have gotten back into the swing of things ....kind of. 

I workout 3-5 x a week. Concentrating on HIIT and muscle building. 

Food I have slowly increased my calories up and macros on point. 

Here is the issue because I was given a "meal plan" of pure crap.... 12 almonds and ground turkey and green beans several times a day - I was deprived off so much and what a shitty way to do it.  

So now  I don't want to restrict myself and I am learning to regain my emotional behavior. 

That has lead me into interviewing new trainers and rebuilding my self from a scientific way! And guess what you eat food?? Gasp !!! And fitness and food are part of my life NOT my life. 

This has also lead me to having the right people in my life - supportive people and ones that want to help me not be harmful. One trainer recommended this book to me and I am loving it. It is about living a life that is healthy, happy and trim. The first chapter already captivated me - we are not driven by logic - we are driven by emotion. 
I feel that I have the power to get through this and be the best I have ever been. 
But the first step is admitting that I need to this for me! 
So follow me on my journey of coming back from a bikini show and heading to a life that is a balanced bikini healthy lifestyle. Mind body soul! 

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  1. Hey girlfriend. I had no idea you were going thru this. I have followed you for sometime now and I've never known you to pass blame. Your a strong person with a lot of drive than most people I know. I know you can do whatever you set your mind too. Pray.


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