I did it

Well today was the day...my first bikini competition on 4th of July - Independence Day!!! And I loved it. 
And for this event I went very patriotic! Nails and bathing suit to match the freedom of our country! I am very much all American and country girl for sure!! 

Ashley and I stayed in a hotel down my the venue and we were forced to relax haha because we couldn't eat other then Tupperware and we didn't want to mess up our tan. We got up super early and she did our hair and make up - she is the best and I have to say that we had the package going on!!! I loved it!!! 

Once we got parked and to the check in...guess what I am 5 foot 6 inches what???? I always thought 5foot5inches... Haha so watch out I have an extra inch now! That height still kept me in the bikini medium class - the biggest class of course. 

Then the fun began...my loved ones came to support me... 
My mommy! 
My cousin and her daughter 
My brother and his baby boy 
My mother in law 
My wonderful friend Jason! 
My stud muffin for life 
The reason for everything in life - my babies! 
My father in law 
My wonderful friend and meal prepper Vern.... 

And guess what we finally got a picture together... This lady and I from start to finish... 
With my loved ones there and ready to share me own! Nothing could stop me. I got interviewed and then the stage was waiting for us... I wasn't nervous but excited to get up there. 
Here I am in all of my glory. Yes I have a cooler around my six pack, I have a belly but you know what??? I am so proud of myself., and I will rock this bathing suit today tomorrow and I will continue to get fit!!! I am proud of myself! 
Check out that back pose!!!! I worked hard on those glutes but watch out because I am still going to work on them and come back even better. 

I had an absolute blast! I enjoyed every moment of it... Do I think I am done??? No... Do I want to do another one???? Maybe.... 

But no matter what to end my day feeling  great about myself is the best thing ever. 
This couple has become such amazing friends... The babes and their men! 

We also got a surprise date night.... And our date night consisted of food and laughter! After the show I couldn't wait for an Oreo a peanut butter Oreo....it was really good!!!! Well worth the wait! 

Then it was off to dinner... 
Yes I got a chicken salad and the table made fun of me...in my defense I wanted a salad but it did have blue cheese on it haha... I also had a jalapeƱo popper and sweet potato fries.... Then it was off to what I have been craving...ice cream - okay frozen yogurt but still.... 
It was oh so yummy. I decided to eat what I want Saturday and Sunday and back to my macros on Monday!!! Nothing will stop me from living a balanced bikini life.

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement on the way!!!! 

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