1 day out

1 day out...can it be??? It seems this journey has been a long time coming yet seems like just yesterday this idea of being in a bikini competition popped into my head. 
This journey will forever be one of the greatest times of my life...I have learned so much about myself and about others through this. Ones that love you, ones that solely support you, ones that talk trash, ones that don't get it but above all I learned that my true family and friends and even complete strangers are beside me rooting me on and encouraging and heck maybe inspiring others to get healthy. 

Things that are done for tomorrow...

Nails ✔️ 
First spray tan coat ✔️
Peeing in a funnel ✔️ (yes can you believe that....no splatter here) 
Cold chicken for breakfast with a side of oats ✔️
Bag packed ✔️
Rinse off about to go down...

I can say I am so very excited for this day! I want to embrace every moment every second. 

As I look back on this journey it has led me to exactly where I need to be - mind body and soul!!! 

I am so proud of myself and cannot wait to continue on with my healthy lifestyle full of fitness, healthy choices, food, family and friends!!! 

Here is to a balanced bikini life!!! 

Chat soon 

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