Sometimes you have to reflect

Like in everyday life we - okay ME - tend to not focus on the NOW or how far you have come... I am a planner by nature and what that means in default is I seem to miss the present, the good of right now... 

This journey of a healthy lifestyle or what I refer to as the balanced bikini has and is the most amaZing time of my life. Each milestone keeps getting better and better. I am not a wine drinker but I feel I am aging like a nice bottle !! 

As I approach 35 this year I couldn't be happier with the direction my life is going. There are UPS and downs but all in all I am content... 

Today I decided to make a goals list..1 year 3 year 5 year... And I was excited to see so many that will improve my lifestyle, my relationship with my husband, my children and overall! It is a lifestyle for sure. 

But all that can vanish in a minute if you forget how far you have come. 

I started looking thru an old album (yes one that you actually printed out haha).. 
Here it is 11 years in the making. I am so proud of myself. At this very moment I am happy with my progress. Am I done ??? Heck no... I have fallen in love with working out, with eating right! 
So I can still love and appreciate myself and how far I have come while still knowing I want to keep up a balanced bikini life!! 

Hey I never thought this soon to be 35 would be this good! 

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