Silence....sitting in silence

Saturday morning. 
Pure silence.

Today I am 1 week out from my bikini competition. I cannot believe it is here. I am so excited!!!! 

Today I am up early (dang internal clock) and basking in the joy of it all. My house is still all asleep and I am just beaming from ear to ear about this journey. 

Silence is 
It is a time of reflection and appreciation. 

It is a wonderful thing to be at peace with decisions and choices that have been made. My wise friend told me that sometimes you have to accept the result/outcome even though the means to get there were not what you wanted. 

When you have goals for yourself it is so important to follow them, sometimes you make changes in that path but always remember you should decide the path and course to take - it is your life - your dreams - your plan...

Being content is a very hard word and concept for me (ask my therapist- I struggle with that) but I feel I am living that. Content doesn't mean I stop trying but what that means is I am happy on my journey - the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the spots I have no clue on, you just keep on course. 

Silence is a new appreciation for me not just because of having kids but because my brain goes and goes and goes...slowing down and basking in these moments of silence is another thing I learned on this journey....mind body and soul need to be aligned to achieve happiness...and a balanced bikini! 

Today will soon be up and running soon but in the meantime I am going to continue enjoying this silence and peace... 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and OMG 1 week out woo hoo!!!!! 

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