My path...

"What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”
Romans 8:31 NIV

As I sit here 17 days from my first bikini competition I have received so much positive feedback so much praise so much support! 

What I didn't expect was the individuals who want to not support or point out what they don't like about what I am doing.. 

However, GOD has put me on this path. He has guided me in my steps in ways I would have never thought. I NEVeR thought about doing this - me on a stage in a bikini...what?????? No???? 

So why would I do it?? I answered that before that allowed me 2 be FREE of every feeling that I would be my old self of 212lbs on one day! That was my mental break through on this. 

But what is his plan? His plan was for me to inspire others to be healthy to live a healthy lifestyle. To show as a women, a mom, a full time worker outside of the home that we can do this! That I can show people that hard work and determination and a BIG support team will get you through anything. I am a person I am only human..I have failed and gotten right back up and did it again. 

Another thing is I am stepping on that stage 100% appreciating my body and my self! I am letting the world know that extra skin exists, cellulite is there, I have stretch marks! I am a women who loves herself. Now if I can inspire, encourage help many people on this journey I have fulfilled the plan GOD had for me. Have you??? 

So before anyone slams me, disagrees with the path GOD has put me on...always remember the devil works in weird ways too...ponder that!!!! 

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