A day of food...peak week

As I navigate through my peak week (6 days out) I am doing this food thing on my own. I have had several people help me but ultimately I am going with what I know and how my body reacts to food. 

For today I will drink 2 gallons of water plus about 1400+ calories of food with a macro ratio of 40% protein 25% carbs and 35% fat - all natural foods no sweeteners no protein powders. 

For ease of my life I have a food prep service prepare all of my meals and deliver them to me...check her out Meal Prep Services...amazing - so simple so easy so yummy and very reasonable priced. 

For this week since I cannot have protein powder I am having 6 meals a day based around chicken and filet mignon - I do not eat fish. I will tell you after my competition I will be participating in several meatless meals - I need more variety and less chicken for a while haha. 

So here is my food for the today: 
Breakfast: chicken ~ oatmeal ~ 24 almonds 
Snack: chicken and green beans and my fav peanut butter 
Lunch: chicken salad no dressing YES I keep up with fiber and ruffage to keep my system going
Snack: chicken again and blueberries rice cake and very little pb 
Dinner: guess??? Yeah chicken and veggies 
Snack: oatmeal 

The meals are not horrible but just the same stuff everyday. I enjoy variety in my food and having choices. 

Here is most of my food for the today..I won't bore you with too many pics...I mean chicken is chicken haha.. 

So as I look forward to 1 more meals
today...I hope all of you are enjoying your day. 

Today we did go see the movie Inside Out along with a little walking and shopping with my mom (we did get the girls backpack for school). 

Enjoy relax and chat soon 

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