3 weeks out....21 days....

Today MARKS 3 weeks out...21 days... the amount of time that I have put in this is getting greater and greater and CLOSER...today my balanced bikini partner WAS so smart to do a full run through. I am the most UNGIRLY girl you will ever find. I love me some diamonds and shopping but make up - I don't wear it and I don't own any of it... So thank heavens for her and a lovely friend Shelby at the gym that helped with that...woo wee..

Spray tan check
Show bikinis check
HIGH heels check 
Hair check
Make up check
Jewelry check

The best part was having my hubs, my babies and several #bfitbeauties watching us!!! It was the first time having a full audience and it felt great to be able to beam down at them and KNOW there were just as proud of me and I was of myself.

This photo makes me so happy. It makes me feel secure in my body and gave me the ability to rid myself of the thoughts that I will wake up and be 200lbs again. I am embracing all that I am and have.

Now I can depict several areas that I still want to improve on but that isnt's stopping me from being happy this moment and to continue to be happy while I keep going.

I sent my photos to several people that have helped me so much on my journey and my cousin...who also competes and is helping with parts of my training sent me this.....

And boy is it true. This close to the deadline and the BIG SHOW I do not want to lose my ground - I want to take every step every measure to keep going.

Today is a happy moment for me and I am going to bask in the glory of it!!!

I have to give a big SHOUT out to the numerous people that have supported me on this journey: FIRST God to give me the ability and strength to do this, my husband for ALWAYS being my rock and loving me fat/fit and all the stages in between, my children for being understanding of my time and for not resisting the healthy eating around the house and for cheering me on non-stop, my mommy who loves and me and calls me beautiful daily and thinks I am perfect the way I am, BYRON my trainer - we have had our ups and downs however you amaze me by your support and overall approach to the stage presence and Hey my first show is where you started, Chad my wonderful cousin who has stepped in and helped me shine and see that my fat self is not returning, the #bfitbeauties and #bfitfamily - the amazing support and love that is felt each and every time I step in the gym or out in my bathing suit is so greatly appreciated, My dear friends/family thank you for still lvoing me as I eat out of tupperware, as I cancel plans (because I am good but the will power to be out and about sometimes is just too much for me) and your overall love and support for me.... I hope each and every one of you can be there to watch me grace the stage.. 

***If I missed anyone I am sorry but know that your love and support do not go unnoticed. 

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