When to push

As a parent - or at least me...you have that choice of giving into your kids fears or pushing them through it. 

Our kiddos both decided they wanted to join gymnastics and we found a gym that has a full boy and girl team. 

They have been in it for 2 months so 8 full classes..and then a meet was happening. If anyone knows me I go full into things and a meet seemed like the best thing. 

We practiced  at home and at the gym. Then the lets buy a trampoline - let's buy a bar - started rolling in my head...luckily my girlfriend talked me out of that....for now.

Well we did ask both kids if they wanted to participate and both said yes - so mom bought them new outfits, donated food to the snack bar and paid the entry fee. 

The week of....oh holy moly things feel apart. I had two kids not wanting to do anything and afraid to do the bars. 

Our son is good!!! He is really good. His coach said he is a natural. He loves each practice. BUT this week he got stuck when he was flipping and oh boy the tears came and the I don't want to go.. With reading my book - I let him know it is okay to be scared. It is okay to be nervous however you have to try and you have commitments. After keeping a calm voice and preaching with the book suggested the last resort was acknowledging his feelings but telling him this is a time where mom and dad have to push you. And you will go..... We had butterflies and tears up until we saw the door and all of his friends...then he was off. He did so good on all 4 events. Then awards came and he placed in each one and got a medal. He was happy has can be. 

The girl was the first to want to try gymnastics - doing flips and cartwheels everywhere. She runs off to practice excited and eager....well the bars and flipping on it stumped her. Practice was miserable and she wanted to walk out - no more gymnastics... Oh boy....at the last practice I acknowledged her feelings and reassured her and she went back in - no bar or flip at all (she can be stubborn like her mom - who knew) and after practice she said she decided she would stay. 

The meet approached and she was the one so excited. Her nana and grandee were coming. She was dressed ready to go. She did so well on all events ...then the bar came and she wouldn't do it at all. Tears crying shaking her finger at me...this one I didn't push. She regained confidence and continued on. What made me proud is she went on the next event and didn't allow her fears to stop her going forward. 

At the end she also received several ribbons and a medal! 

All in all a fun day and one I think the kids will repeat..however I think we are moving to 2 practices a week. 

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