Tan.food....and is that an oblique???

This week started real.

Started my meal plan and I have to say I was not eager to do so. 

Who would have known that what I miss most is spinach pancakes??? 
(We started this jar to open up conversation at the dinner table and look what was drawn...and my answer was spinach pancakes haha). 

My meals: 
Breakfast: 4 oz ground turkey and green beans with 1/2 an apple (sad face entered here for about day 1-3 but now not so bad). 
Snack: 1/2 apple - orange and 12 almonds - have to say my favorite meal of the day haha 
Lunch: 4 oz ground turkey with asparagus and sweet potatoes 
Snack: protein shake (I use Quest chocolate) and I did however weaver from my 1/2 avocado with 1 tablespoon of almond butter.
Dinner: 4 oz filet mignon and sweet potatoes with 1/2 avocado 

I have to admit that it is working and I am not going stir crazy. I did get tired on Wednesday but other that went well. 

Unfortunately this week my daughter got sick so I had to forgo my Friday workout but this week I did get in two running sessions in the morning plus normal night workouts and sauna.

I have been practicing posing and I think I am getting more fluid with my movements. 

Another first on this journey is spray tanning!!! OMG I think I might be addicted... Wow!!! But I strongly advise dark sheets - I am a white sheet gal but I changed it up just for this (just add more $$$ to the cost of this show) 

But the biggest difference .....WOW another thing I might be addicted too.... 
There is a little difference but the tan shows..,
On o the next week...

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