Something besides Bikini Talk

Tonight I sit here just having my brain spin and spin....what has my life become???? 

Work - working out - work!!??? 

Yes kind of maybe - yet I am enjoying Each and every moment I can.

Over the last few weeks we have made a few (BIG) financial moves to put us closer to debt free. We really want to be payment less sooner rather then later and Also save and spend money on traveling with our kiddos. 

After 8 years of building memories and camping our hearts out we decided to get rid of our trailer.. It was a hard decision and one that up until we dropped it off I didn't know if I wanted to let it go... I am traditionally not a sentimental person when it comes to "things" my thought has always been we can buy again if need be. But this trailer we bought just three days before our son was born. Both of our kids have only known a life with a trailer. They loved every second of it...camping, riding, movies, kid nights - just a lot of great times. However we have been using it less and less and we still owed on it. 
It served us well.....we sold it to dear friends so we will see it around. By selling it we got rid of $12k of debt!!!!! 
With no trailer or toys - why do we need a big truck...the truck was in good condition and only had 45k miles on but was 5 years old... We just took it to CarMax just to see and they handed us a great sized check for it (it was paid off). We then looked around to see what we could get...the hubs went with the 2015 Ford Explorer with 15 miles! And with that we have a new SUV and really all we paid was the taxes!!!! 
Bye bye to the old and in with the new. This is the first time in the 11 years I have been with the hubs that he isn't in a far he loves it. He deserves it! With that we saved on car insurance , gas, AAA (no more RV) and not as many miles on my car! Plus it sits 7!!!! Woo hoo 
All in all we upgraded our vehicle by 5 years - sold a trailer - saved money and we are still ahead over $6k of savings. 

You know where there are highs there are also a few lows...I had the OMG why am I mom attacked suddenly and then you doubt so much...but then life tilts again and BAM you have three mornings that run so smoothly and you can't  believe it.... But don't think I didn't text my therapist during my breakdown...and GOd knows I love her - been with her 8 years!! 

We also went to go see the movie was a great loved it and well I cried like normal haha...then the hubs surprised me and bought me my first pair of Oakley's (they make petite)
I love is nice to have a pair because the hubs love them and you know me I like to match haha... 
Well I am signing off as I listen to this well needed rain and the hubs snoring away and the dogs farting....ahhh I love my life!!!! No seriously this peaceful (yet smelly) moments grounds me......

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