Remembering what is important

Memorial weekend...a time of remembrance for all of those that make this free country possible. For me I am all about - country - America and the great men and women who have and do serve for this country. 

I am forever blessed with a man that was in the marines.... And I love to represent that all the time. Just today i noticed I have a lot of American themed items...slightly obsessed. I have always loved the flag and what it represents ...more so with marrying my husband and even more so that my first bikini show is on July 4th (freeing myself from my "fat" self).  

This memorial weekend and a few days before that it has been a time to reflect what is important to me.. 

On Thursday I had a mental/physical break from my show prep. It was just great to take a moment and remember why I started this journey. Through a lot of venting, talking, thinking on the matter I remembered. I started this for me! For me to wake up and realize I 
Wouldn't wake up 200 pounds again. This is my journey and I make the decisions and emotions for myself. With that I was able to refocus and hit it for me... Friday night I returned to the gym with my go to gal and it felt good!! Two gyms and tons of peeps didn't detour us at all. While the girls pumped iron the guys stayed home at worked out together while our babies played together. To me that is what is important! Spending time with family and friends and enjoying yourself. 
Saturday morning I was up early again and went for a killer leg workout with my cousin and of course my fellow bikini competitor....
Oh is this true for today! Sore and loving it! With my workout done for the day I was  able to do the things I painting my baby girls and daughter time is so precious.... 
Saturday night we had dinner and spent the night at my moms house...old family movies for my mom took so many for us to remember our lives...side note OMG I was not healthy...while I love seeing memories I hate that I was so unhealthy. 

Now I would say about 90% of the time I am a busy body person but today we are just relaxing and enjoying our time together. 
We are watching tv until the hubs comes home with popcorn for the kiddos and a movie.... 

So today tomorrow and everyday remember those that make this country free and also remember what is important to you in this free country... 
Family God love happiness 
Cross + flag = free country 

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