Individuality is key

Funny thing happened at posing this week....I sucked!!! Big time...I was trying to do what the other ladies were doing and BAM I sucked! My posing has and is a little different then the norm and for the last few weeks I tried "copying" the others and well it was a hot mess... 

Argh I didn't like how my face was too close to my shoulders and in this position I look so rigid. I felt deflated...I felt crappy -  I am 7 weeks out and I look terrible posing. 

Well I got home and got ready to support our fine ladies in their bikini competition and I looked at ME.... I was "fiesty" I was confident I was happy...
I was proud of myself . I had self-confidence I decided that the bathing suit, the leanness, the muscles, the bling are all accessories to ME. I need to bring this ME to the party. The one who is proud of herself, the one who is unique, the one who plays up her strong suit! ME attitude! You cannot practice to bring YOU to the stage you just have to be YOU. 
So this is me....this journey is one filled with learning at every corner. I learned something that I need and use elsewhere why not on that stage???? 
With confidence restored into ME...we were off to see our  ladies compete...I have worked side by side with these ladies and it is so good to see them hit the stage... 
And of course I went with my partner in crime...she is doing the show with me in July! 

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