This journey
This show
This is me getting FREE of my unhealthy lifestyle - the feeling that overnight I will gain all my weight back - this is me admitting I work hard for this - for me!! 

So as I get ready to stand up on stage know this is not only a fitness competition for me but one that I have finally fought and one of myself. 

Being an overweight unhealthy person is not a life I want for myself or my children. I want my years of healthy to outweigh those of unhealthy. 

This year marks 8 years of me actually doing something..actually taking in account what I eat and what I do. 8 years of learning and changing and growing so much in the healthy lifestyle arena. 

NOW I stress to myself everyday that PREP is not life it is not forever it is for a goal. But through this I have learned more about food, my body, my life, my likes, my dislikes and I am achieving happiness by shedding the mental strain I had on myself plus body fat. 

As of yet I am not sure if I will compete again but I will continue to strive for balance and a healthy lifestyle. 

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