My dear friend sent this to me and I just fell in love with it...I feel I am far from being cocky but with this maybe I should be. I am so proud of how far I have come and how much I can do for myself and my family. 

I love to eat healthy and to share my story and what works with each and every person! 

My dream is to have more years healthy vs unhealthy! I would love to inspire people that a balanced healthy lifestyle is managable and attainable. 

So today I will be cocky...
I eat clean.
I train hard.
I have worked my a** literally off to get where I am. 
Most recently...I have a phone full of pictures of myself - to see my progress. 
I have a husband that just got an upgrade in a wife for sure. But loved me from the moment he saw me - fat and all. 
I have two wonderful kids that want to be just like and healthy. 

So here I am in all my glory with my mini-me. And I posted this before but my most recent bathing suit picture.., loving my new bathing suit. 
So I will be cocky today...because I am and continue to work hard for where I am and I am proud of that. 

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