Today tomorrow and forever I am looking for a balanced life... that is filled with healthy choices, happy times and doable! 

I have mentioned a million times...macronutrients !!! But I can also add : whole clean natural foods along with a side of treat sometimes.... 

This journey for a stage bikini body has and is causing me a lot of conflicting emotions - 

- do I want this? 
- can I do this? 
- why am I doing this? 
- is this for me? 
- will I do this again? 
BUT the number one thing is - can I do this and still have balance in my life??? 

I think the answer is yes....

Yesterday we went to a museum...I snacked on my allotted food and while everyone else ate at the cafe I went to the car and used my portable oven and heated up my ground turkey and asparagus and I was happy....I was fine sticking to the plan I was okay being the one to sit by myself....

I am a control freak...I love controlling my diet - but what that means is I get to have that grilled chicken instead of ground turkey...that means every once in a while I get that free sample at See's candy...

But can I do this and wear a bikini on stage??? 

Yes...yes I I need to move forward and keep pumping iron and showing myself, my kids, my family that a balanced bikini is doable!!! 
I am me.
I am a women.
I am a mom with a mom belly.
I am a mom that is getting on that stage in 55 days and I am rockin it all the way!!!!! 
Because my kids see me as a 
And you know what...I am! Because I keep trying..I keep moving forward.... 

Balanced Bikini here I come.....
This is me - this is my mom belly - this is all me and I am lovin it more and more!!!! 

I have heart 
I have ambition 
I have a belly 
I have the most supportive people around me
I have faith 

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