So I thought about this POST for a long time. If I write this post and ANNOUNCE to the world (ok maybe the 7 people who read this blog) it will be real...it means I can receive criticism... it means that there is potential of me failing...it means that there is a chance that I might actually believe I can do this...it means that for the first time in a very long time I am proud of myself/my body...it means that I FINALLY believe I will not magically wake up tomorrow and weigh 212 lbs (yes people that is the most I can remember getting on a scale at - and no it wasn't even when I was pregnant)...it means that I am putting myself out there....

So there it is....I have decided to take my body to the next level..I have decided to challenge myself....I have decided to enter my very first (probably not last) bikini competition. I am doing this with help from a lot of people...

  • My HUBS first....this takes a lot of my time, dedication, endurance - so he has to step it up and help more, put himself last and let me tell you he is my rock. He also has to be my cheerleader because this is not only physical but mental as well. 
  • My FRIEND/trainer...she is amazing. She is doing this with me too... We started off as strangers and a trainer/trained haha and we have become much more. 
  • My trainer....check him out Byron Marks  - he pushes you, he trains you, he poses you, he is there 100% of the time!!!
  • My FAMILY...they support, encourage and the best thing of all they all have the date in their calendar to be there for me. 

I get asked WHY?  and the TRUTH of the matter is I want to challenge myself, I want to do this for ME... but hello you are in a bikini in front of tons of people... YES I will be but the most important people to see me is 1 - myself - for me to be proud of what I can do and accomplish and man to just get on that stage. 2 - the hubs - hey he might as well get a trophy wife out of this 3 - the judges - they are there because they know this is a fitness/health competition 4 - all of my peeps that come out and support me.... will there be others sure but I don't care....

So I will be hitting the gym, getting on prep food shortly, and posing practice like no other.... this takes a lot and so far it is worth it.... Here is the flyer..... 

Stay tuned and I will take all of the encouragement, prayers, motivation, support you have...Please keep in mind if I turn you down for meeting for drinks or food - you know why. So maybe ask me out for a walk :)

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