Give Up, Give in or Give it all you got

So one of the things that I am having to adjust to up things... 

Social gatherings 

But this isn't forever (okay some of it is) this is just for the competition. 

- chocolate....I only like dark - darker the better but it is off the list for at least the next 10 weeks.

- ice cream - I do love me some n7 creamery 

- salt - this isn't a big deal for me cooking wise but for any thing when we go out it is hard, soy sauce ( I did start using amino acids liquid) and the occasional pizza. 

- social gatherings....people I am on a very restricted I can but I don't want to sit there and chew gum when you eat whatever you want whenever you want. I love hanging out and I love Pieolgoy so this is a struggle. 

So because I don't give up - and I don't want to give in because I want  this so much that leads me to.....
Give it all you've got ! 

I am giving this my all!!!! 

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