Happy Easter!!! 

I love holidays
I love spending time with family 

This weekend was another great weekend where we were able to see a lot of our family. 

Saturday started out with posing practice - that has to be one of the hardest things to do as well with getting ready for our show. After over 2 hours at the gym it was a jam packed non-stop time. 

Twin day is approaching at our school so a girlfriend and I took our girls for juice it up and shopping. While we were chatting it up apparently the girls had fun with the phone...they are so adorable. 
After our mom/daughter date it was rush to grocery shop and get to our nieces party. Cousins cousins cousins - they had a blast... 
Now with so many family and gatherings how can I stay on point??? Preplan!!!! I pack all of my food and snacks!!! And Ikeep  water in hand at all times to help curb and stop "snacking". 

After the party we headed to my moms..we have started spending the night to color eggs and just hang out. 
However my mom forgot to boil the eggs fully so by the time they were ready the 3 kiddos were passed out so is adults had a little fun! 
They did get a few in for the morning times 
And like always we try to stay away from sweets so we went for the active route....scooters for all... 

One of the best parts of our night was watchin old movies. My mom - thankfully - used the camera a lot. It was fun to laugh and watch things that I didn't even remember. The hubs is already researching video cameras.. Because memories are being forgotten already. 

We stayed up to 3am watching them! Full blast! 

So it shocked me that the big boys and kiddos alike were so eager to race...thinking that we need to buy scooters for everyone. 
We just have a blast and nonstop fun. 

The fun didn't stop - and our cousin joined in too...hey who doesn't do family push up competitions?? 
Well I will sign off for now because it is off to food prep and try to stay awake until at least 8pm haha 

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