Change it up and add sass

This week was one where I played around with my food..increasing my % in my macros (fat protein carbs) . Well I found a few things out about my body this week.... Grapes are not my friend....bad bloat!!!! But aside from that my body does well on carbs - natural carbs and better with lower fat grams with focusing on avocado and almonds! 
Aside from the sCale I have been focusing on how my body feels and looks. I am feeling tighter and fuller - if that makes sense. I also had my body fat (3 fold method) taken 1 month apart and I am down to 16.8% body fat! I will take it!!! 

Today was the first day I fully practiced in my show heels...holy moly....they are higher yet I think make my legs look longer. - don't freak that is a bathing suit bottom people. 
Practice went well - this week I think I brought my smile and sass to the party. I am building more confidence and being comfortable on stage. 
So as I look into week 11...I am super excited for this journey and my dedication! No matter what I will be a winner on that stage!!!! 

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