Change ...Is it coming????

I am 10 weeks out from this very day... 

Is change coming? 

Food?? Oh yes I just got my meal plan for the week...same foods...everyday...same times each day....

Weight??? Oh forget today...TMI but I am on my cycle and well Women know what that does. 

Exercises...I got in two - twoadays!!! But then missed two days due to stomach issues...

Mentally...a very challenging week. 
I have to train and repeat to myself this is for an event - a competition - this isn't everyday. 

So when I look at this picture there is not anything   major that stands out for me....but I think it is coming...

Posing it is hard. It is what I need to master. It was I need to practice needs to me natural, it needs to put my body on display that highlights my best! I want my strong willed determined self to shine. 

So I am going to turn these struggles and hard week into what makes me succeed. 

On this journey you are seperated because you can't eat what you want or even when you want. Social gatherings are hard. Going out is hard. 

But thankfully I have the most amazing partner in my life who is supportive and limits his treats just to help me.... 

A few months ago my hubs and I won the #bfitcouples challenge at the gym...we worked out 20/21 days together ! Thank you coach for th competition and the prize was a dinner at Flemings!!! OMG the best steak ever! Flemings ahhhhhhh 

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