Bikini competition 12 weeks out

This week was one filled with UPS and downs. Being on this journey it is physically and mentally taxing. BUT what shocked me the most was the haters...there will always be someone who feels that they have a right to push their personal opinion on you...and sometimes they catch you at a moment that just tilts you for a bit. 
I believe people are entitled to their opinions but what people need to understand is their opinion doesn't always need to be told or sh** if it isn't positive don't tell me.... 

So I vented in Facebook and asked ...either support me, be silent or stop following me... However the incredible out pour of support, encouragement, love and uplifting words I received from people blew me away. This is what true family and friends do for you - Uplift regardless of their opinion on the matter. 
With a weak moment like this I actually took a day off from the gym... Gasp...I didn't even do that while on vacation. However it was exactly what I needed. My BFF and I met for a hike/walk, dinner and a little shopping. It was just nice to not think about the competition for a moment. It left me feeling refreshed and recharged. 

Here is where I am at.... trainer said my body is progressing and keep it up!!
WORKOUTs...I am working out 6x a week, hitting the sauna almost daily. of the hardest things for sure...but I am getting it down. I practice about 3-5 days a week plus over an hour on Saturdays. After 2 weeks I am here...
I am so proud of my progress and see major changes...the next 12 weeks are going to amazing and can't wait to see how much I improve.... 

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  1. What pre-workout are you using? I suggest Erratic. You can get it at Nutrishop. Also, some constructive criticism here: you need to do some leg and back workouts and tighten that up. 12 weeks is a lot of time so you should be good. Keep on truckin'.
    You're gonna get negative feedback, that's just human nature, but don't completely ignore it. Hidden in the mean comments will be hints on what you should work on. Deal with it. If it's a competition, you're gonna be judged anyway. Better to learn to deal with and address those shortcomings NOW rather than when you're standing in front of the judges. You know you need to work; do it and don't let yes men tell you your ok the way you are if you have a goal you want to reach. It's easy to get complacent that way. Personally, I'm a chubster and I know it so I accept it and work on it. If you're happy the way you are, that's cool and its healthy but don't be upset if you lose because you didn't push yourself to be better because everyone says, "you look fine." Don't be the American Idol contestant that got sent home but mommy insists that the world is crazy even though you can't sing.
    If you didn't want to be judged, you shouldn't enter a competition.
    Again, keep on truckin'. You can get there, but it WILL take work. My 2¢. Nuff said.


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