Give Up, Give in or Give it all you got

So one of the things that I am having to adjust to up things... 

Social gatherings 

But this isn't forever (okay some of it is) this is just for the competition. 

- chocolate....I only like dark - darker the better but it is off the list for at least the next 10 weeks.

- ice cream - I do love me some n7 creamery 

- salt - this isn't a big deal for me cooking wise but for any thing when we go out it is hard, soy sauce ( I did start using amino acids liquid) and the occasional pizza. 

- social gatherings....people I am on a very restricted I can but I don't want to sit there and chew gum when you eat whatever you want whenever you want. I love hanging out and I love Pieolgoy so this is a struggle. 

So because I don't give up - and I don't want to give in because I want  this so much that leads me to.....
Give it all you've got ! 

I am giving this my all!!!! 

Change ...Is it coming????

I am 10 weeks out from this very day... 

Is change coming? 

Food?? Oh yes I just got my meal plan for the week...same foods...everyday...same times each day....

Weight??? Oh forget today...TMI but I am on my cycle and well Women know what that does. 

Exercises...I got in two - twoadays!!! But then missed two days due to stomach issues...

Mentally...a very challenging week. 
I have to train and repeat to myself this is for an event - a competition - this isn't everyday. 

So when I look at this picture there is not anything   major that stands out for me....but I think it is coming...

Posing it is hard. It is what I need to master. It was I need to practice needs to me natural, it needs to put my body on display that highlights my best! I want my strong willed determined self to shine. 

So I am going to turn these struggles and hard week into what makes me succeed. 

On this journey you are seperated because you can't eat what you want or even when you want. Social gatherings are hard. Going out is hard. 

But thankfully I have the most amazing partner in my life who is supportive and limits his treats just to help me.... 

A few months ago my hubs and I won the #bfitcouples challenge at the gym...we worked out 20/21 days together ! Thank you coach for th competition and the prize was a dinner at Flemings!!! OMG the best steak ever! Flemings ahhhhhhh 


We all have our own version of winning and mine is....

The end! 

Change it up and add sass

This week was one where I played around with my food..increasing my % in my macros (fat protein carbs) . Well I found a few things out about my body this week.... Grapes are not my friend....bad bloat!!!! But aside from that my body does well on carbs - natural carbs and better with lower fat grams with focusing on avocado and almonds! 
Aside from the sCale I have been focusing on how my body feels and looks. I am feeling tighter and fuller - if that makes sense. I also had my body fat (3 fold method) taken 1 month apart and I am down to 16.8% body fat! I will take it!!! 

Today was the first day I fully practiced in my show heels...holy moly....they are higher yet I think make my legs look longer. - don't freak that is a bathing suit bottom people. 
Practice went well - this week I think I brought my smile and sass to the party. I am building more confidence and being comfortable on stage. 
So as I look into week 11...I am super excited for this journey and my dedication! No matter what I will be a winner on that stage!!!! 

Bikini competition 12 weeks out

This week was one filled with UPS and downs. Being on this journey it is physically and mentally taxing. BUT what shocked me the most was the haters...there will always be someone who feels that they have a right to push their personal opinion on you...and sometimes they catch you at a moment that just tilts you for a bit. 
I believe people are entitled to their opinions but what people need to understand is their opinion doesn't always need to be told or sh** if it isn't positive don't tell me.... 

So I vented in Facebook and asked ...either support me, be silent or stop following me... However the incredible out pour of support, encouragement, love and uplifting words I received from people blew me away. This is what true family and friends do for you - Uplift regardless of their opinion on the matter. 
With a weak moment like this I actually took a day off from the gym... Gasp...I didn't even do that while on vacation. However it was exactly what I needed. My BFF and I met for a hike/walk, dinner and a little shopping. It was just nice to not think about the competition for a moment. It left me feeling refreshed and recharged. 

Here is where I am at.... trainer said my body is progressing and keep it up!!
WORKOUTs...I am working out 6x a week, hitting the sauna almost daily. of the hardest things for sure...but I am getting it down. I practice about 3-5 days a week plus over an hour on Saturdays. After 2 weeks I am here...
I am so proud of my progress and see major changes...the next 12 weeks are going to amazing and can't wait to see how much I improve.... 


Happy Easter!!! 

I love holidays
I love spending time with family 

This weekend was another great weekend where we were able to see a lot of our family. 

Saturday started out with posing practice - that has to be one of the hardest things to do as well with getting ready for our show. After over 2 hours at the gym it was a jam packed non-stop time. 

Twin day is approaching at our school so a girlfriend and I took our girls for juice it up and shopping. While we were chatting it up apparently the girls had fun with the phone...they are so adorable. 
After our mom/daughter date it was rush to grocery shop and get to our nieces party. Cousins cousins cousins - they had a blast... 
Now with so many family and gatherings how can I stay on point??? Preplan!!!! I pack all of my food and snacks!!! And Ikeep  water in hand at all times to help curb and stop "snacking". 

After the party we headed to my moms..we have started spending the night to color eggs and just hang out. 
However my mom forgot to boil the eggs fully so by the time they were ready the 3 kiddos were passed out so is adults had a little fun! 
They did get a few in for the morning times 
And like always we try to stay away from sweets so we went for the active route....scooters for all... 

One of the best parts of our night was watchin old movies. My mom - thankfully - used the camera a lot. It was fun to laugh and watch things that I didn't even remember. The hubs is already researching video cameras.. Because memories are being forgotten already. 

We stayed up to 3am watching them! Full blast! 

So it shocked me that the big boys and kiddos alike were so eager to race...thinking that we need to buy scooters for everyone. 
We just have a blast and nonstop fun. 

The fun didn't stop - and our cousin joined in too...hey who doesn't do family push up competitions?? 
Well I will sign off for now because it is off to food prep and try to stay awake until at least 8pm haha

So I thought about this POST for a long time. If I write this post and ANNOUNCE to the world (ok maybe the 7 people who read this blog) it will be means I can receive criticism... it means that there is potential of me means that there is a chance that I might actually believe I can do means that for the first time in a very long time I am proud of myself/my means that I FINALLY believe I will not magically wake up tomorrow and weigh 212 lbs (yes people that is the most I can remember getting on a scale at - and no it wasn't even when I was pregnant) means that I am putting myself out there....

So there it is....I have decided to take my body to the next level..I have decided to challenge myself....I have decided to enter my very first (probably not last) bikini competition. I am doing this with help from a lot of people...

  • My HUBS first....this takes a lot of my time, dedication, endurance - so he has to step it up and help more, put himself last and let me tell you he is my rock. He also has to be my cheerleader because this is not only physical but mental as well. 
  • My FRIEND/trainer...she is amazing. She is doing this with me too... We started off as strangers and a trainer/trained haha and we have become much more. 
  • My trainer....check him out Byron Marks  - he pushes you, he trains you, he poses you, he is there 100% of the time!!!
  • My FAMILY...they support, encourage and the best thing of all they all have the date in their calendar to be there for me. 

I get asked WHY?  and the TRUTH of the matter is I want to challenge myself, I want to do this for ME... but hello you are in a bikini in front of tons of people... YES I will be but the most important people to see me is 1 - myself - for me to be proud of what I can do and accomplish and man to just get on that stage. 2 - the hubs - hey he might as well get a trophy wife out of this 3 - the judges - they are there because they know this is a fitness/health competition 4 - all of my peeps that come out and support me.... will there be others sure but I don't care....

So I will be hitting the gym, getting on prep food shortly, and posing practice like no other.... this takes a lot and so far it is worth it.... Here is the flyer..... 

Stay tuned and I will take all of the encouragement, prayers, motivation, support you have...Please keep in mind if I turn you down for meeting for drinks or food - you know why. So maybe ask me out for a walk :)

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