The great wild unknown

Today we decided to visit the wild animal sanctuary. It is a 720 acre place outside of Denver that rescues mainly large cats...can you believe a lot of the rescues are propel thinking they can have a WILD animal as a pet??? I mean really people...

The place is ran very nicely and a great education for the kiddos. One of the things that sticks out about this place is the 2 mile walk way around this place. It is about 30 feet above the ground and you can see everything - bears (I know not cats but they have then), Tigers, lions, wolves and a few other animals. I recommend it for sure. 

After the animals we went home to feast on snacks before we headed out to the great unknown or actually the Four Mike Historic park. This is the home of the oldest building in Denver. It marks the first place that settlers went. You were able to walk thru the houses...
The kiddos in the one class room for all ages. We wondered around and even panned for gold 
To give our kids a look into history and how "we" became was great. I even explained to them how mom is Cherokee Indian - we saw tipis too! 
We got to get in the carriage that everyone traveled in and they had the harsh reality what life would be life with no  iPhone, no electonics and no indoor plumbing. 
We told them you were able to bring one doll and a toy gun! That's it! 
Today was filled with learning and the reality of how much I want to contine traveling and sharing these moments with my wonderful husband and children. 
As for food - don't ask...bad day there. But I am ending it in the gym....

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