Spring break

Wow...when did it change that we needed to plan our vacations around the kids school schedule???? Well so be it...we are off for a fun famy packed vacation. 

This is a vacation just for the 4 of us and we are loving it. We are for sure an outdoors family so..... Colorado fit us perfectly (so far day one not sure about living here though). 

We fly in and our first stop was the car rental.....surprise babe....
Much better then a compact😜😜😜. Then we were on the road..can you say starving plus keep in mind still staying on a healthy eating style. We ended up finding this neat BBQ place. The service was quick, nice and on point. Then after hearing that it was our first trip to the state they gave us free pie (I didn't eat any). But look what I did eat....
A grilled chicken salad with homemade tomato salsa...can you say yummy yet healthy option??? The fam bam had a little more fun then me 
Then we were off to the local Super Target (oh GOd don't let me loose I. That one!!!). We grabbed a few snacks for the fridge...oranges, cucs, bananas and grapes!!! And of course gallons of water. 

We finally made it to the hotel. Super cute and will do great for our vacation. 
We explored the hotel - 24/7 gym✔️ indoor heated pool ✔️ free breakfast daily  - that I can eat ✔️. We then headed out to check out downtown. Walking walking walking and then we saw the biggest 40 foot tall blue bear - picture moment for sure 
Then it was time for starbucks ice tea and YES a thin crust coal oven roasted pizza with no cheese...I didn't eat even half but oh so good. 
Seriously I ate about 1/3 - it was good. And here is a little love from my mini-me too 
Love her so much..
Then it was my ONe and only treat for the trip....ice cream - I have not had t for 2 months nor will I have it for the next 4 months...I only got a mini and so worth it 
We headed to our truck and off to home and the gym... My wonderful trainer set me up for workouts for the entire time I am gone... So with laptop and movie in hand the kiddos were set right there in the gym with us 
And the hubs and I got in cardio, abs, push ups and shoulders!!!! Feelin good and still enjoying ourselves. 
So as I sit here with heavy eyes I also have a full heart about today. Not only did our family travel safe but we had an amazing time where our healthy lifestyle still was very much part of our day. 

Good night everyone 

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