Today was an early day for sure. We had to be up with an alarm and out by 7am. We had a long drive ahead of us...we were off to skiing. Now this was the most expensive activity of our vacation..that is why we prepaid for it! As we headed or with all of our gear on I was excited yet nervous. Being 34 I have never skied!! And that is why I want to give my kiddos every opportunity in the world plus having the time well spent together in a healthy way. 

Shortly into our trip it was revealed that they got fresh snow...first time in the last two weeks woo hoo. This landscape is changing my mind about this area. I love it. Open - different seasons - a little country but they have local stores!!! The further we went the worse roads became...glad the truck was 4x4 and te hubs was driving. 

We got up to the resort. We opted for a private family ski lesson! One on one was the way to go. She made us feel very comfortable and in no time we were up and going. Now I have to say we never left the bunny slope but we went up and down it too many times to count and we all had fun. 3 hours of fun! 
That is me in the green and my daughter in purple along with our instructor. 
The boy excelled of course... 
And he hubs is naturally good at everything (a quality I admire along with hate). 
Our family photo!!! All geared up , covered up and ready to enjoy the day. 
After our lesson we headed out to see the rest of the little resort while the hubs and the girl took one more downhill pass and return the gear. The boy and I had a fun time....
Snow angels and snow ball fights were in order. 
My baby girl is beat...they both crashed hard in the car on the ride home. 

As for tonight we are chilling in the roomWith  room service and I will be heading to the gym...only workout/strength training for me...skiing was my cardio today! 

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