My was fun packed

This weekend was one to go in the books....Friday night the hubs and i were kid free (thank the lord above for grandparents). We went for a.....14 mile round trip bike ride to dinner and home. It is funny because my hubs swore it would only be 5 miles round trip...and let me tell you I have one and a beach cruiser haha. But it was a blast. We were together and living our lives as healthy as possible. 
We ate at this local place that is oh so good it caters to healthy natural food. We order it with no salt no oil....yet full of flavor. And I am pointing to my coach on the wall...can't stay away from him. 

On Saturday morning me and my girl went to the NPC show to support 3 of the ladies we train with...OMG the best time ever and it will not be my last. To see what the human body can do is just beyond words...
These 3 ladies...I saw them from day 1....true inspirational, motivation, and dedication. Just remarkable...Now after I got to see them do their thing I was off and running to u sisters wedding. The evening was beyond romantic yet full of family love and values. They truely embrace love! 
Here we are with the Mr. & Mes. 
And I can't forget posting with my brother
And of course my little sticker butt nephew 
It was another filled with love and that is exactly what they (and yes night two with out the kids....they had a play date with their babysitter----haha they love her).
Sunday fun day....I took my boy shopping to get matching shirts with his bff for twins day. Then it was juice it up and park time....guess what no pictures pure time enjoying him ok watching him with his friend. Then we did our normal to do list and I got in a bit of tanning
After dinner and food prep I finally tried my #purebliss oxygen mask that kohls sent me to try makes your face tingle and afterwards I understand the is me+mask=awesome
So at the end of my weekend I am refreshed and ready to face the about you 

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