Mother Nature

Beyond words.

A few words that come to mind after today. We visited the Rocky Mountain national park! It is their 100th anniversary.
You drive in the park and the pure beauty captivates you. Their is lush greenery everywhere and tons of snow. March is the perfect time to head to Colorado. You get to ski and enjoy outdoor activities.
Our first stop was to eat...haha it was a long drive and we packed food (we tried Jimmy Johns - not a fan...I did have the lettuce wrap but I am so over store/bought food). 
We then headed to our hike...bundled up you can tell. It was super cold but I love the weather...not looking forward to going home to 90. 
We hiked Deer Mountain - we didn't make the top but 4 miles in the cold with a steep incline I call a win. Here are a few pics 
We then drove around the park.. We wanted to hike on Bear Lake but we didn't have snow shoes. 
After we walked the little town and just enjoyed being together and of course shopping haha. 
We were heading back home hoping to see the elk again but no luck..when we drove in there were a lot bathing look 
We missed up close and personal for sure. 

While on vacation we love to look at homes...hey you never know if we have a change of heart and want to venture out. We did find a couple nice ones but nothing that made me say it is the "one". 

Dinner on the brain... Finally familiar food 
I couldn't eat it all but it made my day even better. 

To end our last full day of vacation I am in the gym finishing up and then off to watch Jurassic Park with my family. 
Good night 


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