I hate f***ing sand

Today was one of those days that I had planned out in detail in my head...we go to the beach and bike ride with a small packed lunch on the beach...

Well shit there is sand on a beach....I had tennis shoes on...my kids wanted to run in the water...sand all over the blanket...my vision was going out with the tide. I even huffed and puffed and walked away to eat my sandwich by myself...crying all the way. 

I do hate sand I do hate the ocean but what got in my way was the "dream" day got messed up and my inability to roll with the punches sometimes hensers me.

Well my wonderful family packed up all of the blankets and food and headed to me.. We ended up eating on the tailgate of the truck and me promising to next time pack bathing suits and sandals and a chair!!! I love them! For loving me , putting up with me and most of all teaching me to roll with it! 

So we were able to move forward and enjoy the day! Our baby girl was riding her bike like a pro! The boy of course could all day. We enjoyed ourselves and the best part is we will be back time and time again!
Before I lost myself...they were enjoying the water and sand.
My mini me and me enjoying hats sun and smiles! 

See here we are all riding bikes!!! 

This man is my everything! I love him so much!!!! 


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