Oh Ok so I don't know why being on vacation gets me super crazy about germs. Like being away from what I know makes it worse idk.. But I carry with me tons of sanitizing items...
And I use them on me, the kiddos, tables and here in Colorado toilets....why no seat covers???? Going green - umm that means I just wipe it clean then use toilet paper...crazy people. 

Well today was another spectacular day. We got our FREE breakfast again and then off to our first train was so nice and relaxing. They even had food on board - healthy kind of. 
We were able to see such beauty while we went through the gorge and either sit inside or outside. Beautiful scenery. 

Then we headed out on a road trip with no destination in mind. And ended up at the national of the gods 
Breathtaking views and beautiful hiking. 
The hubs and kiddos couldn't resist a photo op in the opening of the rock formations. 
Taking this photo with my daughter though was priceless. I love her. I love this trip. I love nature. 

We headed home but had to get dinner of course. Since I am trying to eat healthier choices we search yelp consistently and found a local pub that actually had a yummy salad and my hubs got the elk nachos. 
While doing our hike today I got in crazy about of stairs (nothing like the stairmaster at the gym however cardio and fun) but I am still hitting the gym.... 

Today I was 3/3 on vacation working out. And I found stairs to do!! Woo hoo 

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