Vacation - I forget about having to eat and I have to say I was stressed and an stressed about it. It isn't just a "don't" get fat thing it is I enjoy to eat healthy - I enjoy and love to eat as natural as possible. I like my food without added salt and well I stress about it. 

I have to say the place we are staying at does serve free breakfast every day and here is to what I will be eating everyday....
Scrambled eggs with a little ketchup and oatmeal plain with bananas and dried fruit. As for my family well once again they are livin it up 
After a wonderful breakfast I feel better and we were off to the Denver zoo - but of course I packed snacks / baby cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges and water of course. 
Ok the zoo was one of the best we have ever gone too... You really get up and close to the animals. The timing was perfect...wake up time and feeding!! Animals were out and about. For us it was great because our daughter has an animal project to do soon and we were able to research and buy a few things for her project...the polar bear won. 
I have to say the most fun we had was watching the brown bear - he was aging it up for sure! Standing up, stretching and playing in the wAter...of course no pics of that haha. 
After the zoo we were off to find a local food place. We settled on a small sandwich shop - I went for the whole wheat wrap with tons of veggies and grilled chicken - no cheese or sauce. With sliced apples. 
After that we were off and swimming haha the kids have been wantig to jump in so off hey went... My little fishes. 
Happy no???? Haha 

After swimming we headed to REI for some snow gear and then dinner. Do you know what I did?? I yelped for healthy food and this steak house came up - that we could walk too. They offered a healthy options to their menu choices. So I ordered the filet - butterflied well done and split with my kiddos along side of roasted asparagus and a plain sweet potato - of this is what I would make at home and oh GOD to have the same food and feel good during and after...that is comfort. And also a reassurance that this healthy lifestyle and eating is our way of life not just a trend! So here is my food yummy 

Well as I finish the rest of my cardio I will sign off for now.... 

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