A trip to Universal studios


I haven't been to Universal Studios....geeZ well at least for 12+ years! I have to say $306 for the four of us...ouch... However our kids were tall enough to ride all 12 rides....

We went to celebrate dads birthday and I have to say it was a blast. 
Of course my favorite thing is getting the pictures haha! So here we are on the red carpet. 

We then ran all the way to the back and started working our way back... Transformers was a big hit....plus they loved our daughters pigtails...
Have to admit though ...the minny ride...yikes had no idea...super fast and well we probably will not hit that one again. 
We were able to ride all the rides and see shows... It was a great day wether and company included. 
The best part for me...they allow you to pack all of your own food and snacks and bringn them into the park...score!!! I ate my packed food and didn't even care about splurging. After our day a trip the the local salon was needed... And I got this...no butter no salt and all delicious! Enough for several meals! 
So as we say goodbye to this amazing weekend. I feel exhausted from so much fun family and wonderful times...until the next time 

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