Mother Nature

Beyond words.

A few words that come to mind after today. We visited the Rocky Mountain national park! It is their 100th anniversary.
You drive in the park and the pure beauty captivates you. Their is lush greenery everywhere and tons of snow. March is the perfect time to head to Colorado. You get to ski and enjoy outdoor activities.
Our first stop was to eat...haha it was a long drive and we packed food (we tried Jimmy Johns - not a fan...I did have the lettuce wrap but I am so over store/bought food). 
We then headed to our hike...bundled up you can tell. It was super cold but I love the weather...not looking forward to going home to 90. 
We hiked Deer Mountain - we didn't make the top but 4 miles in the cold with a steep incline I call a win. Here are a few pics 
We then drove around the park.. We wanted to hike on Bear Lake but we didn't have snow shoes. 
After we walked the little town and just enjoyed being together and of course shopping haha. 
We were heading back home hoping to see the elk again but no luck..when we drove in there were a lot bathing look 
We missed up close and personal for sure. 

While on vacation we love to look at homes...hey you never know if we have a change of heart and want to venture out. We did find a couple nice ones but nothing that made me say it is the "one". 

Dinner on the brain... Finally familiar food 
I couldn't eat it all but it made my day even better. 

To end our last full day of vacation I am in the gym finishing up and then off to watch Jurassic Park with my family. 
Good night 


The great wild unknown

Today we decided to visit the wild animal sanctuary. It is a 720 acre place outside of Denver that rescues mainly large cats...can you believe a lot of the rescues are propel thinking they can have a WILD animal as a pet??? I mean really people...

The place is ran very nicely and a great education for the kiddos. One of the things that sticks out about this place is the 2 mile walk way around this place. It is about 30 feet above the ground and you can see everything - bears (I know not cats but they have then), Tigers, lions, wolves and a few other animals. I recommend it for sure. 

After the animals we went home to feast on snacks before we headed out to the great unknown or actually the Four Mike Historic park. This is the home of the oldest building in Denver. It marks the first place that settlers went. You were able to walk thru the houses...
The kiddos in the one class room for all ages. We wondered around and even panned for gold 
To give our kids a look into history and how "we" became was great. I even explained to them how mom is Cherokee Indian - we saw tipis too! 
We got to get in the carriage that everyone traveled in and they had the harsh reality what life would be life with no  iPhone, no electonics and no indoor plumbing. 
We told them you were able to bring one doll and a toy gun! That's it! 
Today was filled with learning and the reality of how much I want to contine traveling and sharing these moments with my wonderful husband and children. 
As for food - don't ask...bad day there. But I am ending it in the gym....

Rollin with it

I I am really hoping my ability to "roll with it" continues to get better. I have found in life the more I can control the better I think I am...however in reality I actually hinder myself a lot....

So I am trying...

Today was a day that Rollin with it had o be and it worked out well.

We woke up to SNOw...such an amazing thing....
It just kept falling and we were so excited...
They were running around throwing snowballs and just loving every moment..and guess what?? I was right there. BUT what that meant was change of plans...we played we dressed and we found something else to do. For me it was just being on that the day would change and just roll with it. We headed to the museum....
We drove - ok the hubs drove us and we got to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and then the museum (with about 1/2 of denver haha). The museum was nice and we even sprung for the imax show. We walked all 3 floors and had a blast. 
We headed to lunch  and back to the room. The kiddos and hubs went for a swim while I headed to get a facial....ahhh best hubs ever! It was relaxing and peaceful. 

We opted for a quick dinner and target run. The hubs once again stepped in as super dad and watched the kiddos and they started the Jurrasic Park triology while I hit the gym. 

So Rollin with it went great today...hopefully I can keep it up!!! 


Today was an early day for sure. We had to be up with an alarm and out by 7am. We had a long drive ahead of us...we were off to skiing. Now this was the most expensive activity of our vacation..that is why we prepaid for it! As we headed or with all of our gear on I was excited yet nervous. Being 34 I have never skied!! And that is why I want to give my kiddos every opportunity in the world plus having the time well spent together in a healthy way. 

Shortly into our trip it was revealed that they got fresh snow...first time in the last two weeks woo hoo. This landscape is changing my mind about this area. I love it. Open - different seasons - a little country but they have local stores!!! The further we went the worse roads became...glad the truck was 4x4 and te hubs was driving. 

We got up to the resort. We opted for a private family ski lesson! One on one was the way to go. She made us feel very comfortable and in no time we were up and going. Now I have to say we never left the bunny slope but we went up and down it too many times to count and we all had fun. 3 hours of fun! 
That is me in the green and my daughter in purple along with our instructor. 
The boy excelled of course... 
And he hubs is naturally good at everything (a quality I admire along with hate). 
Our family photo!!! All geared up , covered up and ready to enjoy the day. 
After our lesson we headed out to see the rest of the little resort while the hubs and the girl took one more downhill pass and return the gear. The boy and I had a fun time....
Snow angels and snow ball fights were in order. 
My baby girl is beat...they both crashed hard in the car on the ride home. 

As for tonight we are chilling in the roomWith  room service and I will be heading to the gym...only workout/strength training for me...skiing was my cardio today! 


Oh Ok so I don't know why being on vacation gets me super crazy about germs. Like being away from what I know makes it worse idk.. But I carry with me tons of sanitizing items...
And I use them on me, the kiddos, tables and here in Colorado toilets....why no seat covers???? Going green - umm that means I just wipe it clean then use toilet paper...crazy people. 

Well today was another spectacular day. We got our FREE breakfast again and then off to our first train was so nice and relaxing. They even had food on board - healthy kind of. 
We were able to see such beauty while we went through the gorge and either sit inside or outside. Beautiful scenery. 

Then we headed out on a road trip with no destination in mind. And ended up at the national of the gods 
Breathtaking views and beautiful hiking. 
The hubs and kiddos couldn't resist a photo op in the opening of the rock formations. 
Taking this photo with my daughter though was priceless. I love her. I love this trip. I love nature. 

We headed home but had to get dinner of course. Since I am trying to eat healthier choices we search yelp consistently and found a local pub that actually had a yummy salad and my hubs got the elk nachos. 
While doing our hike today I got in crazy about of stairs (nothing like the stairmaster at the gym however cardio and fun) but I am still hitting the gym.... 

Today I was 3/3 on vacation working out. And I found stairs to do!! Woo hoo 


Vacation - I forget about having to eat and I have to say I was stressed and an stressed about it. It isn't just a "don't" get fat thing it is I enjoy to eat healthy - I enjoy and love to eat as natural as possible. I like my food without added salt and well I stress about it. 

I have to say the place we are staying at does serve free breakfast every day and here is to what I will be eating everyday....
Scrambled eggs with a little ketchup and oatmeal plain with bananas and dried fruit. As for my family well once again they are livin it up 
After a wonderful breakfast I feel better and we were off to the Denver zoo - but of course I packed snacks / baby cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges and water of course. 
Ok the zoo was one of the best we have ever gone too... You really get up and close to the animals. The timing was perfect...wake up time and feeding!! Animals were out and about. For us it was great because our daughter has an animal project to do soon and we were able to research and buy a few things for her project...the polar bear won. 
I have to say the most fun we had was watching the brown bear - he was aging it up for sure! Standing up, stretching and playing in the wAter...of course no pics of that haha. 
After the zoo we were off to find a local food place. We settled on a small sandwich shop - I went for the whole wheat wrap with tons of veggies and grilled chicken - no cheese or sauce. With sliced apples. 
After that we were off and swimming haha the kids have been wantig to jump in so off hey went... My little fishes. 
Happy no???? Haha 

After swimming we headed to REI for some snow gear and then dinner. Do you know what I did?? I yelped for healthy food and this steak house came up - that we could walk too. They offered a healthy options to their menu choices. So I ordered the filet - butterflied well done and split with my kiddos along side of roasted asparagus and a plain sweet potato - of this is what I would make at home and oh GOD to have the same food and feel good during and after...that is comfort. And also a reassurance that this healthy lifestyle and eating is our way of life not just a trend! So here is my food yummy 

Well as I finish the rest of my cardio I will sign off for now.... 

Spring break

Wow...when did it change that we needed to plan our vacations around the kids school schedule???? Well so be it...we are off for a fun famy packed vacation. 

This is a vacation just for the 4 of us and we are loving it. We are for sure an outdoors family so..... Colorado fit us perfectly (so far day one not sure about living here though). 

We fly in and our first stop was the car rental.....surprise babe....
Much better then a compact😜😜😜. Then we were on the road..can you say starving plus keep in mind still staying on a healthy eating style. We ended up finding this neat BBQ place. The service was quick, nice and on point. Then after hearing that it was our first trip to the state they gave us free pie (I didn't eat any). But look what I did eat....
A grilled chicken salad with homemade tomato salsa...can you say yummy yet healthy option??? The fam bam had a little more fun then me 
Then we were off to the local Super Target (oh GOd don't let me loose I. That one!!!). We grabbed a few snacks for the fridge...oranges, cucs, bananas and grapes!!! And of course gallons of water. 

We finally made it to the hotel. Super cute and will do great for our vacation. 
We explored the hotel - 24/7 gym✔️ indoor heated pool ✔️ free breakfast daily  - that I can eat ✔️. We then headed out to check out downtown. Walking walking walking and then we saw the biggest 40 foot tall blue bear - picture moment for sure 
Then it was time for starbucks ice tea and YES a thin crust coal oven roasted pizza with no cheese...I didn't eat even half but oh so good. 
Seriously I ate about 1/3 - it was good. And here is a little love from my mini-me too 
Love her so much..
Then it was my ONe and only treat for the cream - I have not had t for 2 months nor will I have it for the next 4 months...I only got a mini and so worth it 
We headed to our truck and off to home and the gym... My wonderful trainer set me up for workouts for the entire time I am gone... So with laptop and movie in hand the kiddos were set right there in the gym with us 
And the hubs and I got in cardio, abs, push ups and shoulders!!!! Feelin good and still enjoying ourselves. 
So as I sit here with heavy eyes I also have a full heart about today. Not only did our family travel safe but we had an amazing time where our healthy lifestyle still was very much part of our day. 

Good night everyone