Who I am....

Who I am....
I have an internal problem of not boosting about who I am. It isn't because I am afraid or ashamed but more it is who I am and that is what I am (confused yet haha). 

So here it goes....
- I am a devoted wife
- I am a mom
- I am a daughter 
- I am a sister 
- I am a friend 
- I am a full time worker 
- I am on a quest for living a healthy lifestyle 
- I am a Christian (and no I don't go to church all the time nor is it a problem if you do or don't go)
- I am a Republican (pro gun, pro religion, pro  taking care of yourself - people welfare, wic, food stamps - are an aide not a lifestyle) 
- I am dedicated to a fault 
- I am a person that can let go ( what an oxymoron, right) 
- I  recycle 
- I have an amazing life partner in my husband who I grow to love more daily
- I love reading...especially "mommy porn"
- I am a home body 
- I am a neat freak...love that you walk in my house and don't notice right away that I am a house full of kiddos and dogs 
- I have a wonderful close relationship with my brother 
- I have tattoos...a lot of them. 
- I dream of inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle 
- I am stubborn but willing to listen to your opinion....even if I don't agree
- biggest pet peeve - hypocrites 
- I do not drink but have no issues with people that do
- I am proud of my body for th first time ever. 
- I have an additive personality....who knew haha 

Who I am is someone who is proud of my journey and embraces the good with the bad (obviously good is better). I try my hardest and want to be everyone's cheerleader however it is nice sometime to have my own cheerleaders. 

So here I am!!!!!! 

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