Transformation Tuesday

As I sit here after just eating the most amazing peanut butter and jelly sandwich (okay honest here I have NEVER had a pb&j EVER until about 1 week ago - crazy right??? I wasn't a peanut butter fan until after my daughter was born and then it was just in Reese's Peanut Butter cups) I am becoming so proud of myself and this journey.

What journey? The only way you don't know that answer is if you have never read a post, followed me on Instagram....A healthy lifestyle journey.

This journey is one that has to be worked on by the hour, day, week, a lifetime. In order to have a healthy lifestyle on TOP of getting rid of my muffin top I have to stay focused.

To live a healthy lifestyle is being active, having lower body fat, having energy, eating as close to natural as possible and working out, to not be winded when I go upstairs/play with my kiddos.

Eating: I eat on the macros ( I have mentioned this a million times) a certain amount of food - fat/carbs/protein. The macros I preplan all of my meals and I RARELY go out at all. I try to hit my goals 100% daily. I focus on natural products, not processed, dairy I stick with Greek yogurts, tons of veggies, fruit and I do love MEAT (chicken, ground turkey, pork loin and occasionally a filet mignon), brown rice, quinoa, rice cakes (no salt), protein bars and protein shakes. Eating is a good 80% of what you will do health wise and look wise.

Drinking: I drink tons of water, a spark a day (the best energy drink with vitamins and minerals - check it out here. I have almost given up Ice tea only because I am reducing my Sweet N Low (it isn't natural yes yes I know but it was what I grew up with my grandma so winging myself off). That is it! No liquor, wine, beer, juices, milk NOTHING else.

Supplements: I take them.... Catalyst from Advocare (bcaa), Omegaplex, Cgrams all from Advocare.

Exercise: I workout with a trainer. I go to his gym. I workout between 5-6x a week and I also try to fit in a session or two at the local spin studio.

So here is several of my progress pictures OR transformation Tuesday pictures. I am super proud of myself...and I have a ways to go but that doesn't take away from the progress I have made.

This lifestyle is staying and it is the only NORM my kids know. They see us make right choices. They see us workout. They see us walk them to and from school. They SEE US.

It was so cute the other day at the gym...My daughter wanted to workout so she pumped out some push-ups, sit-ups and even used the medicine ball...she told me she doesn't want to watch TV at the gym anymore she wants to work out...That's my girl.

The below pictures are all HARD work and dedication. I have NOT had a surgery for weight loss or skin reduction. Now truth be told I am turning 35 this year and I told my husband I wanted it cut off. I was going to do it because I didn't think it could be done naturally WELL guess what??? this is natural...this is NO surgery...this is no FILTER.

I have made major progress on my body and I can't wait to see more.....

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