another 50 shades post

It is time for another 50 shades of grey post. My last one was right here. Go take a look (I had to because I couldn't remember what I wrote haha).

Well I went to go see the movie (one of my fears from my earlier post). I went with a bunch of girlfriends.

My thoughts on the movie is not really why I wanted to FULLY write this post.
But here they are anyway:

  1. The movie was okay. 
  2. It was worth my $12 dollars and 2.5 hours for sure. 
  3. The RED room was nothing like I imagined it.
  4. Where was the black berry????? 
  5. The sex scenes...what 3 of them...were....tame in my opinion.
  6. The MOVIE is not based or really about the long until the first sex scene??? Forever in my opinion.
  7. I am hoping that the next movie doesn't take this long to come out again.
  8. I am really curious who is going to play Mrs. Robinson???? 
But the real reason I am wanting to post this is the PURE ignorance of people.  I have a few lot of pet peeves and one of them is when people : talk, judge, comment on a subject they know nothing about. For EXAMPLE on this book/movie - if you haven't read it or watched it you can not comment on the matter. NOW with that being said if you don't want to read it or watch it I am fine with that (why you wouldn't blows my mind...or that might be the problem on your end). I would respect your wishes...and you should respect mine. RESPECT....

Also, to tell me that GOD will not love me because of my viewing options....well a$$holes the only person to make a decision between God and Me - is US not you...This also brings up the point that GOD says the Devil will try to to distract you from him...You don't think telling me that GOD will not love me is not the Devils work in trying to distract me??? hummmm think about that one before you say that line again to anyone. 

Another comment I saw....unhappy women were going to see this movie hence why such a bad movie....well people let me tell you if a women is unhappy it was well before this movie.

I also saw comments about rape....I do NOT condone that behavior or action at ALL. It is an evil evil thing and that is all I will say on that note.

For me this book now movie was just pure entertainment. It didn't have me question my faith, my love for my husband (it actually spiked it up a little), it didn't have my husband nor I stray from each other and at the end of the entire thing people (big spoiler here) they end up happily married with two children who have freaky sex sometimes....gasppppp. 

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