Yes2You ~ FindYourYes Day 1

The most amazing thing occurred and it started with a Facebook message...I received a message from Kohls and how my healthy lifestyle has inspired them!! - what me??? No way??? I received a call from an amazing person  Catie (I got to meet her in person too) - and I had won a wellness retreat! 4 days/3 nights - yoga on the beach, meals, great company, nutritional advice, hiking the Hollywood sign and even massages. An entire weekend dedicated to me???!! I was blown away. Being a mom and wife you put others in front of you all the time so to have someone/company take notice of all the effort you put in to make my own life and family life better was just beyond words for me. Time for me!!!! I know thru lots of self development one needs to ensure that they are happy and things fall in place...what is that saying...happy wifey happy lifey!!!!! I think it is true. 

So the best part is I get to bring along a FITmom! And I picked my friend/my trainer. We got picked up in a town car and were on our way....
We are blessed and only live a few hours from the destination! Santa Monica, Ca.. Can you believe that before this trip I never stepped foot in that city - crazy to me. Spending time uninterrupted and carefree was amazing. We arrived at the most beautiful hotel and our room - breathtaking views!! Even a walk in closet. 
kohls also left a few inspired! Gaiam yoga mat and bag and water bottle... After relaxing in the room for a it we went down stairs to meet our hosts and off to dinner. 
We are at True Food Kitchen - amazing. I ventured out and had a inside out quinoa burger won't kale salad and sweet potato hash. I already texted the hubs we are coming back! We also treated ourselves to a shared piece of flourless chocolate cake. I believe live is about balance !!! And being real! 

After dinner we walked the outside shopping area and ran into a Michael Kors store.... The "hubs" just got my Valentine's gift haha 
As the night came to an end we had to get in our leg day...PS I walked over 12k steps too!!! So we hit up the 24hour gym... Dedication
It is so amazing to be on the wellness retreat and be fit as part of our daily lives regardless if we are away or not. Stay tuned for day 2....

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