Yes 2 You - Find Your Yes...Kohl's Wellness Retreat Day 3

I  am fully relaxed and recharged....I am excited to go home and see my hubs and babies and I know that this trip has been a whirlwind of amaziness. 

Today we woke up and FIRST let me tell you I am getting less sleep in hours but more rest then ever before. We headed to Starbucks for a little oatmeal and bonding time. This trip has been filled with so many great things for myself and one of the most rewarding was getting the opportunity to know my friend even more. With just the two of us side by side it was nice to just sit contently. 

After breakfast it was off to one of my favorite things to do A limo arrived and whisked us away to a local Kohl's. We were able to freely explore everything and get items to assist us in our healthy lifestyle!
Workout gear was top on my list including the exact shoes that The Biggest Loser trainers picked out on their shopping spree. Also, I was so excited to get workout gear for my babies as well...look at that adorable floral print for her??? Wish they had it in my size. A shopping spree I will not forget. 

All that "cardio" had me hungry. We headed to Lemonade in Beverly Hills. Another little hip spot that I have never heard of or tried. As we got in line....I was star struck...Amy Smart was dining with friends!!!!! The food was different then I expected yet blew my mind away with flavor. 

After a delightful lunch we headed for our hike. We were off to see the Hollywood sign. A wonderful scenic hike with adorable dogs running around. 
Can't forget Flex Friday on the hike....
The view was something that looked fake... You could see from the ocean to the mountains and everything in between. The hike was 2.55 miles but the incline is great for the booty. 

The next part had me so relaxed I almost didn't want to move...massages in our room!!! I have always said mind body and soul!!!! This girl was outstanding. Here is the view right before my massage 

With feeling so relaxed and calm it was time for dinner..thank you hosts for another great location.  

As I sit here in this comfy bed - I can only bask in the last few days and just feel so complete, so motivated, so determined yet so in love with life. 

On to the next adventure..... 

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