Vacation + Healthy Lifestyle = ????

Can it happen? Can you continue your healthy lifestyle while on vacation???? The answer is.....YES you can!!! 

If you want something so bad you can do it. I use to be a Flaming hot Cheetos plus Coke zero kind of girl on road I am a water and fresh cut veggies with greek dressing type of girl....

It is possible.... My rule of thumb is to enjoy myself but to stick as close to healthy/natural as possible. 

Now don't get me wrong I still like a great cheat meal like everyone else but that is what I stick to ...a meal. 

On this vacation - weekend getaway - it was our 5th annual Angie's run! We had about 100 people and 20 trailers out for the weekend camping and riding. My cheat was....pop chips and hotdogs (Hebrew national 100% beef 97% fat free). I want to still be part of the group yet a healthier version for me and my babies. 

Now on to the fun stuff....a few pics from our trip... Our kiddos are getting so good...

For this trip I also pre-cooked a lot of chicken, sweet potatoes and had on hand tons of fresh fruit and veggies!!! Anythig worth having and doing we will make it happen. 

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