The cost of being healthy....

As I sit here and do our budget for the week/month/year it is an ever balancing act. With our entire family wanting (ok me steering the ship) a healthy lifestyle you have to change things around a little.

So what is our healthy lifestyle consist of?? 

The main item is food!!! Groceries and a lot of them. We have fresh organic fruits and veggies delivered weekly along with trips to Sams, Sprouts and Trader Joe's and a quick run in to Stater Brothers (man I just added the Trader Joe's and it messed with me S's haha). 

We are trying to focus on as much natural items as possible. With that we try to eat 100% of our meals at home or packed from home. This helps us with our growing grocery bill and to stay close to our healthy eating. For our family of 4 it would cost anywhere from $40-$80 dollars on a normal meal out of the home. We spend $70-$200 a week ( that is 4 breakfast, 4 lunch, 4 dinners and 8 snacks a day) on groceries depending where we are on staple items (I count tp, our grocery budget). I use to use coupons but since we don't buy many cans, boxed or dairy items they do not work. 

What else? all know I am an advisor/seller of Advocare - and I am an everyday user. We use cataylst (bcaa), c-grams, omegaplex, muscle gain, spark and the cleanse. This costs money however if you become a distributor you can get 20% off up to 40% off (ask me how). My husband also uses and I sneak a few quest bars.

Activity - I have two trainers and my husband has one. We also have the kids in dance and the boy loves to bike ride often. We try to plan most of our outings around being active - hikes, walks, riding, etc... We do all of this to stay active and to show the kids how important movement really is for you and your health. 

Mental - I have told all of you a million times...therapy. A big fan!!!!! Try it!!! 

Body - facials, massages, stretching!! All part of staying healthy. How?? We use groupons, deals and memberships that help reduce the prices. 

All of this takes money...but we budget for it, we ask for gifts for it, we have done our research for it and above all our health is number one. We don't spend money on drinking, partying, going out much. 

Focus on body mind and soul! 

Have faith that you are doing the right thing. Also do the right thing for the right reason - you and your health!!! 

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