Why are you not drinking?
What is your problem?

I get these questions...I use to get them from my family - not anymore - they know either respect my answer or they say hey I have a designated driver... But I still get it from others.

My reason for not drinking is one of many reasons....

ONE: I kind of, maybe, might have an additive personality (what, right???) I don't like beer but I do love me some WINE and not regular wine the cheap - Wild Vines....
So when I would drink it would be the ENTIRE bottle......

TWO: Any day every day I would so rather EAT my calories then drink them!!!

THREE: I don't need liquid encouragement to speak mind...unless you ask my cousins ex-girlfriend (YIKES...)

All in all I am past the get drunk stage - - - yes I know people can just have a glass/etc... but to me I would rather not. I am totally fine with drinking - my husband is a person who enjoys a beer here and there to relax (less lately because of our eating style).

This is my personal choice and that is all I am saying.... oh besides this post.


We are constantly granted the opportunity and mandate to grow, to learn, to change. 

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