Day 2.... Kohl's /Biggest Loser Finale Yes2You FindYourYes

I As I sit down for the first time today I can only smile with pure joy in my heart. Who would have thought that Day two of this amazing trip courtesy of Kohls could get better. 

My friend and I started out with a healthy wonderful breakfast with a view to die for...
The white egg omelette with tons of veggies and fresh fruit hit the spot!!! As we left the Penthouse we were whisked away in the Uber suv (omg have you tried Uber??? Amazing!! All by app - payment, directions, cars and so quick) to Yoga on the beach. Now I am spoiled because after this serene view and experience how can I go back to a studio?? 
That is me in the teal...the views were incredible and the instructor from cardYoga was great. After an hour long session I was warmed up and stretched out. Kohls also had a nutrionist come out and chat with of the best things I took away is a healthy food regime to possibly help my son with his allergies and maybe even start a small green house in our backyard...already put the hubs to work! 
After that we headed back to the hotel for a shower before INTERVIEWS!!! Yikes - I have to say I was nervous however it wasn't too bad. My friend snapped this pic of me....
Not the best face but still a great experience. One of the neat things of this process is getting a better understanding of the Loyalty that Kohls have for their customers. They chose me - me just a regular woman who is focused on family and fitness and is making such a big impact in my life!!!! Another great think was to hear my friend answer the question of how she felt to come along with me...brought tears to my eyes...words like "humbled" "honored" "blessed" - truly so sweet and can't forget to mention she got me the cutest bag of goodies for the trip...water bottle, workout clothes (worn at the gym 1st night) a cute frame and snacks!! Such a sweetie! 

After the interviews we were starving and we are off to another new place... tender  Greens! 

Now the "biggest" suprise awaited us after lunch...a limo ride to the Biggest Loser Finale...disclaimer we listened to the rules so we didn't bring in our phones  - and quess what??? Everyone had phones -  arghhhh so no pics inside... But here is a pic in the limo 
Two others were on this trip as well! Another winner! 
The show was beyond words. We sat in th 5th row...look for me...but you will find a crying woman. The stories are incredible, the transformations were unbelievable and to see the contestants all be so happy with their progress was the best experience!!!! 
The last item on the agenda was dinner...good times with e other girls and our 2 hosts. We enjoyed laughter - excellent food and a stroll back to the hotel... 
I am off to sleep and can't wait to see what is in store for tomorrow....goodnight 

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