Beginning of 2015 BUT wait how did 2014 end...

Hi Everyone, I am FINALLY checking in again. With today being the 2nd of January 2015....YIKES how did that happen....

I wanted to just briefly (who is kidding here) talk about how 2014 lead into 2015.

2014 for me personally was a year of self-growth...and that is no joke. It takes a lot to learn things the hard way but at the end of it you truly realize what is meant to be. This year consisted of many ups and downs but with the tail end of the year it really turned out to be a blessed year.

Key highlights....

  • Still happily  employed. Loving my job and loving what I do.
  • Still happily married. The hubs and I celebrated 9 years of marriage and that has led us to loving each other more and more. We did attend a few couple counseling and it opened up our communication skills and allowed us to each express ourselves in a way that is well received on both ends.
  • Still living a healthy lifestyle. I started this healthy journey so many years ago and enjoy it so much. My husband has joined in with me and the kiddos are becoming fast pros on it. On New Years day instead of going out to eat we went to Sprouts and we told the kids they can pick out anything they wanted to eat. Our son picked out shrimp to be BBQ'ed and our daughter picked out salmon. The hubs and I decided on steak....yummy.
  • Still loving fitness. I have been working out with a personal trainer and am loving it!! I have seen myself gain focus and strength which I didn't know I was capable of doing. By the beginning of 2015 not only do I use a trainer but my hubs and I joined a personal trainer and gym together!!! Woo hoo 
  • I was asked to join a cool online group...Kohl's Yes2You Rewards group - First anyone who knows me knows I love to shop. Second I love to shop at Kohl's. Three I love great deals. With this group I have been able to correspond with so many wonderful ladies and shoppers a like. Kohl's is truly amazing and I can't wait to see what 2015 brings. 
  • Still loving our home. This home is truly the best yet. Great neighbors, great neighborhood, great schools and best of all a price that is so affordable.  
  • Still going for DEBT free. Now on this we do have a house payment, we use credit cards to collect points (pay off monthly) but the best thing is saving money for future wants and needs.
  • We caught the travel bug (see point above we are saving for them). We traveled to Cabo this year AMAZING. We traveled to Arizona and the Grand Canyon - breathtaking. And we already booked and paid for our Colorado trip next year. We enjoy traveling with family and showing the little ones everything. 

As we go into 2015

We have the normal goals
  • Continue on with our healthy lifestyle
  • Continue on getting DEBT free
  • Continue on focusing on our marriage and children
and something new this year....

  • Having a LESS packed calendar. ENJOY the moment. ENJOY the time.....
So I want to wish everyone a Happy Healthy 2015!!! 

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