Back to reality - Day 4 of our Yes2You ~ FindYourYes wellness retreat from Kohl's

Tonight I am sitting with my favorite people ever and enjoying chatter and family bonding while we watch the recorded The Biggest Loser finale and look here....We found least my backside haha - my son is pointing me out. 

I am just at a point of pure happiness and contentment... 

For our final day.... 

We woke this morning to another wonderful view and the most comfortable bed ever! I highly recommend The Huntley hotel!!! We were packed, relaxed and felling truly blessed and honored for this time. 
We dressed - of course wearing our new shoes from our shopping spree at Kohls yesterday.
We headed up to the Penthouse for breakfast with everyone. We were given one more surprise.... Something that all four of us were eyeing on our shopping spree..... A Nutribullet... As soon as I got home we had to try it out...we have a winner on our hands. 

The breakfast was such a nice way to end this trip. We all chatted and just basked in our adventures and experiences. After our meal we were off. We had time to venture out a little bit. The Santa Monica Pier was on the list 
And of course had to take a picture to send to my favorite Marine
Thanks babe!!!! 

Walking and strolling with my friend just made this trip even more memorable. 

As we walked towards the hotel to catch our car home we stumbled onto a Farmers Market ~~~~the best I have seen ever!! {thinking I need to make this a monthly visit - thanks Kohls for opening up my eyes to this wonderful city}. We bought sun dried cherries and fresh homemade all natural fruit roll ups! 

The walking made us hungry so we had our Last meal of our trip at burger lounge... And I had to try the paleo burger. Yummy!! With grilled zucchini and jalapeƱo salsa.
With my stomach full, camera's storage hitting its limit - we were on our way....

The bell boy got our bags... Can you believe this was for only 4 days/ 3 nights haha 

This is our ride....haha 
A lot more room then the 4 door we started with. 

This trip was something I will never forget. It was a time that a company saw how hard I have worked to achieve and live a healthy lifestyle and wanted to treat me...little ole me. Loyalty is all I can say. 
I feel this lifestyle is just the way it is - and to be looked on as an inspiration is beyond what I could imagine. I truly hope and pray that this lifestyle can inspire and motivate others as well. 

Thank you Kohl's for believing in me, spoiling me and expanding my horizons!!! 

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