Back to reality - Day 4 of our Yes2You ~ FindYourYes wellness retreat from Kohl's

Tonight I am sitting with my favorite people ever and enjoying chatter and family bonding while we watch the recorded The Biggest Loser finale and look here....We found least my backside haha - my son is pointing me out. 

I am just at a point of pure happiness and contentment... 

For our final day.... 

We woke this morning to another wonderful view and the most comfortable bed ever! I highly recommend The Huntley hotel!!! We were packed, relaxed and felling truly blessed and honored for this time. 
We dressed - of course wearing our new shoes from our shopping spree at Kohls yesterday.
We headed up to the Penthouse for breakfast with everyone. We were given one more surprise.... Something that all four of us were eyeing on our shopping spree..... A Nutribullet... As soon as I got home we had to try it out...we have a winner on our hands. 

The breakfast was such a nice way to end this trip. We all chatted and just basked in our adventures and experiences. After our meal we were off. We had time to venture out a little bit. The Santa Monica Pier was on the list 
And of course had to take a picture to send to my favorite Marine
Thanks babe!!!! 

Walking and strolling with my friend just made this trip even more memorable. 

As we walked towards the hotel to catch our car home we stumbled onto a Farmers Market ~~~~the best I have seen ever!! {thinking I need to make this a monthly visit - thanks Kohls for opening up my eyes to this wonderful city}. We bought sun dried cherries and fresh homemade all natural fruit roll ups! 

The walking made us hungry so we had our Last meal of our trip at burger lounge... And I had to try the paleo burger. Yummy!! With grilled zucchini and jalapeƱo salsa.
With my stomach full, camera's storage hitting its limit - we were on our way....

The bell boy got our bags... Can you believe this was for only 4 days/ 3 nights haha 

This is our ride....haha 
A lot more room then the 4 door we started with. 

This trip was something I will never forget. It was a time that a company saw how hard I have worked to achieve and live a healthy lifestyle and wanted to treat me...little ole me. Loyalty is all I can say. 
I feel this lifestyle is just the way it is - and to be looked on as an inspiration is beyond what I could imagine. I truly hope and pray that this lifestyle can inspire and motivate others as well. 

Thank you Kohl's for believing in me, spoiling me and expanding my horizons!!! 

Yes 2 You - Find Your Yes...Kohl's Wellness Retreat Day 3

I  am fully relaxed and recharged....I am excited to go home and see my hubs and babies and I know that this trip has been a whirlwind of amaziness. 

Today we woke up and FIRST let me tell you I am getting less sleep in hours but more rest then ever before. We headed to Starbucks for a little oatmeal and bonding time. This trip has been filled with so many great things for myself and one of the most rewarding was getting the opportunity to know my friend even more. With just the two of us side by side it was nice to just sit contently. 

After breakfast it was off to one of my favorite things to do A limo arrived and whisked us away to a local Kohl's. We were able to freely explore everything and get items to assist us in our healthy lifestyle!
Workout gear was top on my list including the exact shoes that The Biggest Loser trainers picked out on their shopping spree. Also, I was so excited to get workout gear for my babies as well...look at that adorable floral print for her??? Wish they had it in my size. A shopping spree I will not forget. 

All that "cardio" had me hungry. We headed to Lemonade in Beverly Hills. Another little hip spot that I have never heard of or tried. As we got in line....I was star struck...Amy Smart was dining with friends!!!!! The food was different then I expected yet blew my mind away with flavor. 

After a delightful lunch we headed for our hike. We were off to see the Hollywood sign. A wonderful scenic hike with adorable dogs running around. 
Can't forget Flex Friday on the hike....
The view was something that looked fake... You could see from the ocean to the mountains and everything in between. The hike was 2.55 miles but the incline is great for the booty. 

The next part had me so relaxed I almost didn't want to move...massages in our room!!! I have always said mind body and soul!!!! This girl was outstanding. Here is the view right before my massage 

With feeling so relaxed and calm it was time for dinner..thank you hosts for another great location.  

As I sit here in this comfy bed - I can only bask in the last few days and just feel so complete, so motivated, so determined yet so in love with life. 

On to the next adventure..... 

Day 2.... Kohl's /Biggest Loser Finale Yes2You FindYourYes

I As I sit down for the first time today I can only smile with pure joy in my heart. Who would have thought that Day two of this amazing trip courtesy of Kohls could get better. 

My friend and I started out with a healthy wonderful breakfast with a view to die for...
The white egg omelette with tons of veggies and fresh fruit hit the spot!!! As we left the Penthouse we were whisked away in the Uber suv (omg have you tried Uber??? Amazing!! All by app - payment, directions, cars and so quick) to Yoga on the beach. Now I am spoiled because after this serene view and experience how can I go back to a studio?? 
That is me in the teal...the views were incredible and the instructor from cardYoga was great. After an hour long session I was warmed up and stretched out. Kohls also had a nutrionist come out and chat with of the best things I took away is a healthy food regime to possibly help my son with his allergies and maybe even start a small green house in our backyard...already put the hubs to work! 
After that we headed back to the hotel for a shower before INTERVIEWS!!! Yikes - I have to say I was nervous however it wasn't too bad. My friend snapped this pic of me....
Not the best face but still a great experience. One of the neat things of this process is getting a better understanding of the Loyalty that Kohls have for their customers. They chose me - me just a regular woman who is focused on family and fitness and is making such a big impact in my life!!!! Another great think was to hear my friend answer the question of how she felt to come along with me...brought tears to my eyes...words like "humbled" "honored" "blessed" - truly so sweet and can't forget to mention she got me the cutest bag of goodies for the trip...water bottle, workout clothes (worn at the gym 1st night) a cute frame and snacks!! Such a sweetie! 

After the interviews we were starving and we are off to another new place... tender  Greens! 

Now the "biggest" suprise awaited us after lunch...a limo ride to the Biggest Loser Finale...disclaimer we listened to the rules so we didn't bring in our phones  - and quess what??? Everyone had phones -  arghhhh so no pics inside... But here is a pic in the limo 
Two others were on this trip as well! Another winner! 
The show was beyond words. We sat in th 5th row...look for me...but you will find a crying woman. The stories are incredible, the transformations were unbelievable and to see the contestants all be so happy with their progress was the best experience!!!! 
The last item on the agenda was dinner...good times with e other girls and our 2 hosts. We enjoyed laughter - excellent food and a stroll back to the hotel... 
I am off to sleep and can't wait to see what is in store for tomorrow....goodnight 

Yes2You ~ FindYourYes Day 1

The most amazing thing occurred and it started with a Facebook message...I received a message from Kohls and how my healthy lifestyle has inspired them!! - what me??? No way??? I received a call from an amazing person  Catie (I got to meet her in person too) - and I had won a wellness retreat! 4 days/3 nights - yoga on the beach, meals, great company, nutritional advice, hiking the Hollywood sign and even massages. An entire weekend dedicated to me???!! I was blown away. Being a mom and wife you put others in front of you all the time so to have someone/company take notice of all the effort you put in to make my own life and family life better was just beyond words for me. Time for me!!!! I know thru lots of self development one needs to ensure that they are happy and things fall in place...what is that saying...happy wifey happy lifey!!!!! I think it is true. 

So the best part is I get to bring along a FITmom! And I picked my friend/my trainer. We got picked up in a town car and were on our way....
We are blessed and only live a few hours from the destination! Santa Monica, Ca.. Can you believe that before this trip I never stepped foot in that city - crazy to me. Spending time uninterrupted and carefree was amazing. We arrived at the most beautiful hotel and our room - breathtaking views!! Even a walk in closet. 
kohls also left a few inspired! Gaiam yoga mat and bag and water bottle... After relaxing in the room for a it we went down stairs to meet our hosts and off to dinner. 
We are at True Food Kitchen - amazing. I ventured out and had a inside out quinoa burger won't kale salad and sweet potato hash. I already texted the hubs we are coming back! We also treated ourselves to a shared piece of flourless chocolate cake. I believe live is about balance !!! And being real! 

After dinner we walked the outside shopping area and ran into a Michael Kors store.... The "hubs" just got my Valentine's gift haha 
As the night came to an end we had to get in our leg day...PS I walked over 12k steps too!!! So we hit up the 24hour gym... Dedication
It is so amazing to be on the wellness retreat and be fit as part of our daily lives regardless if we are away or not. Stay tuned for day 2....


Why are you not drinking?
What is your problem?

I get these questions...I use to get them from my family - not anymore - they know either respect my answer or they say hey I have a designated driver... But I still get it from others.

My reason for not drinking is one of many reasons....

ONE: I kind of, maybe, might have an additive personality (what, right???) I don't like beer but I do love me some WINE and not regular wine the cheap - Wild Vines....
So when I would drink it would be the ENTIRE bottle......

TWO: Any day every day I would so rather EAT my calories then drink them!!!

THREE: I don't need liquid encouragement to speak mind...unless you ask my cousins ex-girlfriend (YIKES...)

All in all I am past the get drunk stage - - - yes I know people can just have a glass/etc... but to me I would rather not. I am totally fine with drinking - my husband is a person who enjoys a beer here and there to relax (less lately because of our eating style).

This is my personal choice and that is all I am saying.... oh besides this post.


We are constantly granted the opportunity and mandate to grow, to learn, to change. 

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The cost of being healthy....

As I sit here and do our budget for the week/month/year it is an ever balancing act. With our entire family wanting (ok me steering the ship) a healthy lifestyle you have to change things around a little.

So what is our healthy lifestyle consist of?? 

The main item is food!!! Groceries and a lot of them. We have fresh organic fruits and veggies delivered weekly along with trips to Sams, Sprouts and Trader Joe's and a quick run in to Stater Brothers (man I just added the Trader Joe's and it messed with me S's haha). 

We are trying to focus on as much natural items as possible. With that we try to eat 100% of our meals at home or packed from home. This helps us with our growing grocery bill and to stay close to our healthy eating. For our family of 4 it would cost anywhere from $40-$80 dollars on a normal meal out of the home. We spend $70-$200 a week ( that is 4 breakfast, 4 lunch, 4 dinners and 8 snacks a day) on groceries depending where we are on staple items (I count tp, our grocery budget). I use to use coupons but since we don't buy many cans, boxed or dairy items they do not work. 

What else? all know I am an advisor/seller of Advocare - and I am an everyday user. We use cataylst (bcaa), c-grams, omegaplex, muscle gain, spark and the cleanse. This costs money however if you become a distributor you can get 20% off up to 40% off (ask me how). My husband also uses and I sneak a few quest bars.

Activity - I have two trainers and my husband has one. We also have the kids in dance and the boy loves to bike ride often. We try to plan most of our outings around being active - hikes, walks, riding, etc... We do all of this to stay active and to show the kids how important movement really is for you and your health. 

Mental - I have told all of you a million times...therapy. A big fan!!!!! Try it!!! 

Body - facials, massages, stretching!! All part of staying healthy. How?? We use groupons, deals and memberships that help reduce the prices. 

All of this takes money...but we budget for it, we ask for gifts for it, we have done our research for it and above all our health is number one. We don't spend money on drinking, partying, going out much. 

Focus on body mind and soul! 

Have faith that you are doing the right thing. Also do the right thing for the right reason - you and your health!!! 

Vacation + Healthy Lifestyle = ????

Can it happen? Can you continue your healthy lifestyle while on vacation???? The answer is.....YES you can!!! 

If you want something so bad you can do it. I use to be a Flaming hot Cheetos plus Coke zero kind of girl on road I am a water and fresh cut veggies with greek dressing type of girl....

It is possible.... My rule of thumb is to enjoy myself but to stick as close to healthy/natural as possible. 

Now don't get me wrong I still like a great cheat meal like everyone else but that is what I stick to ...a meal. 

On this vacation - weekend getaway - it was our 5th annual Angie's run! We had about 100 people and 20 trailers out for the weekend camping and riding. My cheat was....pop chips and hotdogs (Hebrew national 100% beef 97% fat free). I want to still be part of the group yet a healthier version for me and my babies. 

Now on to the fun stuff....a few pics from our trip... Our kiddos are getting so good...

For this trip I also pre-cooked a lot of chicken, sweet potatoes and had on hand tons of fresh fruit and veggies!!! Anythig worth having and doing we will make it happen. 

Beginning of 2015 BUT wait how did 2014 end...

Hi Everyone, I am FINALLY checking in again. With today being the 2nd of January 2015....YIKES how did that happen....

I wanted to just briefly (who is kidding here) talk about how 2014 lead into 2015.

2014 for me personally was a year of self-growth...and that is no joke. It takes a lot to learn things the hard way but at the end of it you truly realize what is meant to be. This year consisted of many ups and downs but with the tail end of the year it really turned out to be a blessed year.

Key highlights....

  • Still happily  employed. Loving my job and loving what I do.
  • Still happily married. The hubs and I celebrated 9 years of marriage and that has led us to loving each other more and more. We did attend a few couple counseling and it opened up our communication skills and allowed us to each express ourselves in a way that is well received on both ends.
  • Still living a healthy lifestyle. I started this healthy journey so many years ago and enjoy it so much. My husband has joined in with me and the kiddos are becoming fast pros on it. On New Years day instead of going out to eat we went to Sprouts and we told the kids they can pick out anything they wanted to eat. Our son picked out shrimp to be BBQ'ed and our daughter picked out salmon. The hubs and I decided on steak....yummy.
  • Still loving fitness. I have been working out with a personal trainer and am loving it!! I have seen myself gain focus and strength which I didn't know I was capable of doing. By the beginning of 2015 not only do I use a trainer but my hubs and I joined a personal trainer and gym together!!! Woo hoo 
  • I was asked to join a cool online group...Kohl's Yes2You Rewards group - First anyone who knows me knows I love to shop. Second I love to shop at Kohl's. Three I love great deals. With this group I have been able to correspond with so many wonderful ladies and shoppers a like. Kohl's is truly amazing and I can't wait to see what 2015 brings. 
  • Still loving our home. This home is truly the best yet. Great neighbors, great neighborhood, great schools and best of all a price that is so affordable.  
  • Still going for DEBT free. Now on this we do have a house payment, we use credit cards to collect points (pay off monthly) but the best thing is saving money for future wants and needs.
  • We caught the travel bug (see point above we are saving for them). We traveled to Cabo this year AMAZING. We traveled to Arizona and the Grand Canyon - breathtaking. And we already booked and paid for our Colorado trip next year. We enjoy traveling with family and showing the little ones everything. 

As we go into 2015

We have the normal goals
  • Continue on with our healthy lifestyle
  • Continue on getting DEBT free
  • Continue on focusing on our marriage and children
and something new this year....

  • Having a LESS packed calendar. ENJOY the moment. ENJOY the time.....
So I want to wish everyone a Happy Healthy 2015!!! 

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